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17 Nov 03

no more jamie, please

ok, one more post about iagreewithjamie and then i’ll let it go.

first of all, as of right now, 88 people have visited my site after having searched for iagreewithjamie. it makes me proud to note that google has me listed #2. well, maybe not pride. closer to “not shame”. anyway, sofi has pointed out to me that jamie is, in fact, a franchise – have a look at u of a’s version, iagreewithblair. i’m tempted to just randomly type in random iagreewith names just to see if i can find another, but i’m a bit too lazy for that. oh, and if you’re interested in arranging your own – let’s call it iagreewithchump for argument’s sake – some information can be found at’s info site. thanks to them, even though i missed jamie’s stirring talk on friday, i know that the events probably went something like this:

Order of Events

As students arrived, the band played.
The emcee welcomed everyone.
After the band performed, games were played.
The band played again.
Jamie shared his testimony and the gospel.
Comment cards were passed out. (What is a comment card?)
The band played.
Pizza and refreshments were served at the very end.

i’m really sorry i missed that. and you know, the crazy number of signs, buttons, toques, hats, etc. i’ve seen around campus is starting to make me think that maybe i’m turned around on this issue. oh wait.

so yeah. my weekend consisted of eddie izzard and a mighty wind on dvd, a walk in the gorgeousness downtown on saturday afternoon avec jo, an excursion sunday afternoon to the cat centre to get kelly’s kermit-esque winter coat’s pocket sewed, grey cup/six feet under (the season finale of season 1 – what will i do without it to watch on sunday evenings?) watching sunday evening, and that’s about it…until i had to scrape the freezing rain off my windows this morning. lovely.

[addendum: you may want to check out the fun thread i started on metafilter. lots of good funny in there.]

5 Responses to “no more jamie, please”

  1. 1
    pager Says:

    oh here we go:

    not quite as polished as jamie or blair’s version. i guess they hadn’t found anyone who could draw a big thumb by this point.

  2. 2
    pager Says:

    wow. this is crazy widespread. is another example of an active website, but according to google, similar campaigns have been run all across north america using jenna, sam, dave, jason, eric, rachael, and many others.

  3. 3
    pager Says:

    one final point:
    The idea originated in 1998 at Humboldt State University in Arcata, Calif., where Campus Crusade for Christ printed buttons and fliers that said “I Agree with Tom.”
    Since then, many “I Agree with…” weeks have been sponsored across the nation.

    it looks like they’ve just now started to get really polished. and i suppose the fact that queen’s campus crusade for christ is the biggest club on campus (400+ members) probably helps with the fundraising.

  4. 4
    holyrood Says:

    found your site through metafilter- don’t have a username there, but i wanted to share the BEST EVER “i agree with” story…they had a “i agree with scott” campaign at my school about 3 years ago (university of michigan). it was everywhere (they put up literally 500,000 flyers in a 2-week period), and really annoying, and unexplained- the flyers said nothing about a website or christianity or anything (as it turned out it was for the campus christian organization).

    there was a girl who lived in the dorms with me at that time who was slightly unbalanced mentally, and her ex-boyfriend for a few years back was a. crazy and b. had threatened to kill her and c. was named scott. she believed that the “i agree with scott” campaign meant, “i agree with scott’s idea that jessie should be killed” and got really freaked out. it ended up with her filing a restraining order against scott and the campus police arresting people putting up “i agree with scott” flyers…

    true story. i promise.

  5. 5
    el scotto Says:

    you can watch the awful football games that seem to be on every sunday night. the patriots/cowboys game was terrible. it was almost as good as the dolphins/ravens game.

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