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12 Nov 03

rob the metalhead

tonight’s class dealt with the history of heavy metal. i don’t consider myself a metalhead by any means (although my mullet would suggest otherwise); however, i do have an appreciation for classic sabbath and zeppelin and the like. the class began there, and went down hill when we reached the late 70s with van halen et al. eddie van halen is a hell of a guitarist, but watching them live put me to sleep. yawn. anyway, the point of all this was what might have been the highlight of the course so far – when we got to metallica. we didn’t really talk about speed/thrash in depth, but she did play metallica’s battery as a sample – and she conducted to it. you’d have to see it to appreciate it, but conducting to (or just counting the measures of) battery is insane. the class actually applauded when she finished. it may have been a high point of the class.

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