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12 Nov 03

i don’t so much agree with jamie

aaarrrrghhhhh. so far this month, 23 people have searched for “iagreewithjamie” and have ended up on my webpage. i don’t know why i’m so obsessed/repulsed by the whole thing. i guess i don’t like advertising one’s religion at the best of times, let alone plastering the campus with literally hundreds of posters. and i refuse to link to him again.

it started out as funny to me, and the more i see the full-page ads and the signs in every single building on campus, the less funny it seems to get. on my way to kelly and maggie’s last week i saw an iagreewithjamie lawn sign and i thought for a minute it was on their lawn – eep. as it turns out, it was their neighbours, and since then i’ve seen several of them. i even saw a girl wearing an iagreeiwthjamie toque this afternoon.

what all this tells me is that the whole thing is being orchestrated by a guy with deep pockets – and i have to wonder if jamie’s speeches will involve passing a very large hat around or something. or perhaps there will be some brainwashing involved, and everyone who attends will end up in a compound in verona.

2 Responses to “i don’t so much agree with jamie”

  1. 1
    robin Says:

    I’m not convinced that Christianity would have established its firm grip over the hearts and minds of mankind if all Jesus had ever said was “visit

  2. 2
    diva_grier Says:

    i think the idea of “iagreewithjamie” was to get people thinking. due to the mistakes of past christians or religious people, as soon as you mention the word “christianity” there are serveral attatched notions. some which are true, and some which are not. the mistakes of those claming to follow Christ, can’t be attributed to Christ himself. i personally know many muslims who are saddended to think that the exploits of a few radical followers, has now given allah a bad rep. i believe that the purpose of the campus crusade (though i am not affiliated with them) was to pervoke thought, and present the gospel in a non threatening way. though people may argue over the exsistance of God, or try to logically argue creation vs evolution…it is hard to argue at a life that has been changed due to the power of God. and jaime was a life at queens university that has been forever changed.

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