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28 Nov 03

$1000 for a CD? that seems worth it.

i’ve FINALLY (i.e. 9 months or so later) gotten around to making chumptastic’s archive pages look like the main page. they could still use a bit of polish, but i finally realized that since 90% of my visitors probably only ever see an archive page (from search engines, for example), perhaps they should look somewhat presentable. i know you’re all enthralled by this.

i’d also like to take this opportunity to draw attention to my new favourite musician, marissa marchant. sofi sent me her website a couple days ago and i’ve been meaning to point out a few interesting features. first of all, according to her music page, she is selling her cds for $1000 a piece…or, if you want a bargain, her four cd set is a mere $2000. it should be pointed out that i still haven’t bothered to actually listen to her music, but that seems secondary somehow. secondly, everyone should read (or at least skim) her gigs page for a slightly…um…imbalanced rant about the music industry, talent, and general craziness. oh, and a distinct lack of anything even vaguely gig-related. enjoy.

27 Nov 03

more cogeco-ness

to summarize my latest cogeco service visit (yes, that’s service call #4 if you’re keeping score at home):

cable guy: well, we replaced some equipment on the roof earlier this afternoon. hopefully that will solve your problems.
me: and if it doesn’t, what recourse do i have?
cable guy: well, you can call the support line.

i would never have thought of that. and forgive me for being less than confident after two months of problems.

26 Nov 03

follow ups

allow me to follow up on some previous posts:

1. the bbc has picked up news of everyone’s favourite turkey-flavoured soda. i enjoy the quote at the beginning best:
…which even its creator admits is undrinkable…

mmmm, that’s great bass. (a nickel for the first person to identify that reference).

2. the spam saga continues with what i consider to be the best post ever. if i didn’t know better, i would’ve thought john m. daniels to be scotto. although, i think scotto would probably recognize that “bussines” isn’t the accepted spelling. scotto is a genious, after all.

3. some random from my music class sums the course up nicely. she appears to be a gw-er who’s since moved her blog to

24 Nov 03

i DO agree with the radical dudez

best posters ever:

i also much prefer their message to youknowwho’s.

23 Nov 03

good news, but not

i’m not sure if i have good news or not. in my last post, i commented that among the massive list of things that have broken in my apartment was my new wireless router. while i’m not 100% sure, it appears as though it’s my cogeco connection that is to blame (yes, again…er, still) so perhaps that’s one fewer thing that i’ve broken.

oh, and i bought a new light yesterday. the lightbulb i bought for it didn’t work. i thought that the entire light was faulty (that would’ve fit in with the pattern) but nope.

also: what makes this post so susceptible to spammers? please don’t click on the links to encourage them, i’m just curious.

21 Nov 03

don’t let me handle your electronics

i appear to have the touch of death lately. get this:

2 weeks ago, as i believe i may have mentioned, my alarm clock stopped working. it was tragic ’cause i’d had it since around grade 6. that was just the beginning.

since then:

  • my phone has started buzzing so loud that it’s almost unusable
  • my wireless router kicks me offline consistently and requires me to reset it every couple days
  • my halogen lamp almost caught fire the other day and is now unusuable
  • kelly’s computer developed bad RAM
  • while trying to fix kelly’s computer, i used my video card, and now my PC doesn’t boot consistently
  • jo’s computer developed bad RAM

i have a very un-midas touch.

21 Nov 03

finally, a meat i can drink

you know, i’ve been thinking lately that i just don’t get enough meat in my diet. thankfully, i’m not alone, and my prayers have been answered:

turkey and gravy flavoured jones soda and
meatshake (i especially enjoy the jingle on this page)

i also love this quote from meatshake:
Pete never forgot the stuggles of the depression and was still interested in using beef in new ways. In 1961, he came up with “meat-juice”. Meat-Juice was a liquid he created with leftover and unused beef at the slaughter house. At first, the competition laughed at him but when they tried the juice, they stopped laughing.


20 Nov 03

oh, michael jackson

the timing of last night’s class was interesting:
we spent the first half discussing michael jackson. how perfect is that, given yesterday’s news? other topics covered included prince and madonna. best class ever! also: the prof now knows me by name. i’m in!

i also learned something interesting yesterday: if you want to mail me something, apparently all that’s really necessary is my building name. screw the street address or postal code, or even the correct apartment number – it will eventually get to me anyway. robin helped me prove this unintentionally via a postcard. so let’s see that mail start rolling in!

one more thing: fox is apparently considering renewing family guy! woo!

19 Nov 03

i saw who??

if i asked anyone who knows me to guess which band i just saw, i’m pretty sure that if they had 1000 guesses they still wouldn’t get it right. perhaps they’d guess the opener, bedouin soundclash, somewhere within those thousand guesses, and they were solid as always. if they had another thousand or ten i doubt they’d have come up with arrested development (yes, they’re apparently back together). anyway, they played stages tonight and put on an entertaining show – and a LONG one at that. they were fun and entertaining, and even though they’re not my style of music, i still had a good time. i do, however, wish that grandmaster flash had opened like he will tomorrow night in montreal. sigh.

and now, to bed. 2:45! aaaaaah!

17 Nov 03

no more jamie, please

ok, one more post about iagreewithjamie and then i’ll let it go.

first of all, as of right now, 88 people have visited my site after having searched for iagreewithjamie. it makes me proud to note that google has me listed #2. well, maybe not pride. closer to “not shame”. anyway, sofi has pointed out to me that jamie is, in fact, a franchise – have a look at u of a’s version, iagreewithblair. i’m tempted to just randomly type in random iagreewith names just to see if i can find another, but i’m a bit too lazy for that. oh, and if you’re interested in arranging your own – let’s call it iagreewithchump for argument’s sake – some information can be found at’s info site. thanks to them, even though i missed jamie’s stirring talk on friday, i know that the events probably went something like this:

Order of Events

As students arrived, the band played.
The emcee welcomed everyone.
After the band performed, games were played.
The band played again.
Jamie shared his testimony and the gospel.
Comment cards were passed out. (What is a comment card?)
The band played.
Pizza and refreshments were served at the very end.

i’m really sorry i missed that. and you know, the crazy number of signs, buttons, toques, hats, etc. i’ve seen around campus is starting to make me think that maybe i’m turned around on this issue. oh wait.

so yeah. my weekend consisted of eddie izzard and a mighty wind on dvd, a walk in the gorgeousness downtown on saturday afternoon avec jo, an excursion sunday afternoon to the cat centre to get kelly’s kermit-esque winter coat’s pocket sewed, grey cup/six feet under (the season finale of season 1 – what will i do without it to watch on sunday evenings?) watching sunday evening, and that’s about it…until i had to scrape the freezing rain off my windows this morning. lovely.

[addendum: you may want to check out the fun thread i started on metafilter. lots of good funny in there.]

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