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16 Oct 03

it’s official: everything’s now been invented

thank god SOMEONE finally invented the popcorn fork. FINALLY.

16 Oct 03

these spammers are pathetic unlike most spammers…oh wait…

oh great. now people are spamming my comments section. how pathetic does your site have to be to spam a stupid blog with little more than 100 visitors per day? pretty damn pathetic, that’s how.

anyway, i suspect i’m the only one in the world excited about this, but showcase is airing twitch city every thursday night at 9 for the next several weeks. it’s one of my favourite shows of all time – picture don mckellar sitting on his couch watching tv all day, and now picture an entire tv show about that. pure comedy gold. trust me, watch it.

oh, and my exam was lovely last night (thanks to all of you who asked). the questions themselves were easy (aside from that one multiple choice thing i didn’t know, dammit), but what was frustrating was the fact that there were 300 of us crammed into a room while writing, which essentially gave the moron next to me free reign to copy from me. he knew nothing but will do reasonably well thanks to me. i hope he crashed and burned on the essay questions though.

15 Oct 03

a short long weekend

that long weekend seemed particularly short. alas. at least i got turkey.

friday night was the much-anticipated super friendz show at the grad club. i hadn’t seen them live since about 1996 (just prior to their break up) and i think i saw them live about 7 or 8 times within a few years. they always put on a great show, so i was eager to see them again. the show was a good time, and full of nostalgia for me at least. unfortunately there were only 20-30 people there (that’s what you get for having it on the friday of a long weekend) but it was pretty intimate as a result. one big disappointment for me: drew wasn’t able to tour with them because he’s apparently in med school. i’ve always been partial to his songs so that was a disappointment, but on the bright side pete elkas from local rabbits not only did a short solo set, but he also filled in for drew.

they played a bunch of old stuff (10 lbs, karate man, come clean, when they paid me, rescue us from boredom, up and running) and most of their new cd, so i can’t really complain about that. a couple minor quibbles: it was sort of like watching a flashing lights show since dave sang one song, charles sang 3, and the rest were matt’s. good thing i like the flashing lights. they also only played 1 song from slide show, but maybe that’s ’cause dave wasn’t with the band during those years…or maybe it’s ’cause they hated each other during that time. highlights: matt playing bass “for the first time”, reminding me of wolfman from that thing you do; matt and charles jamming for the drunk girls in the window (who eventually started licking the glass); the encore consisting of a whole buncha covers, by request (sabbath, skynyrd, blahblahblah).

saturday and sunday consisted of a whirlwind tour of peterborough and surrounding area – turkey avec ma mere, scotto’s birthday extravaganza, etc. tim also showed off his latest collection of flash animations (links will be coming soon), so that was a highlight. and on monday, jo and i ventured to ottawa to pick up robin and take in a CFL game. it may have been the poorest played football game i’ve ever seen, but it was still fun (even though my team lost…and i was the only person in our section cheering for toronto). oh, and i learned a valuable life lesson at the game: north side sucks!

oh…and my exam for music is wednesday evening. i’m sure it will be lovely. and if i don’t kick some ass, how will i ever win the affections of the prof?

10 Oct 03

…and he also does a killer christopher walken

i’d like to take this opportunity to point out tim’s first step in a burgeoning career in animation:

too funny.

i’d also like to point out that danny michel is SO GOOD when he’s not surrounded by mbast students at the grad club. he played clark last night and he played a good set, but his banter was beyond funny. examples:

  • teaching us that the african lion safari song was actually written by daniel lanois
  • finding a photocopied face of engsoc president john mould in the engsoc lounge, taping it to his drum kit, and dubbing his band “danny michel and the john mould show” for the rest of his tour
  • explaining that he was reading cosmo in guelph the night before during sound check and it prompted him to ask the audience for relationship questions that he and the band could answer on stage. when people actually DID it, he was more than a little surprised and unprepared. (e.g. i’m a 30 year old guy and my girlfriend is 19. we’re both virgins. are we a good match?)

matt barber also played a good solo set, but seemed hammered beyond comprehension while talking to him afterwards.

oh, and i really really wish i could sleep these days. i’m leaving early today because i just can’t think anymore.

08 Oct 03

lost in translation

i’d like to take this opportunity to wholeheartedly recommend sofia coppola’s new film lost in translation. it’s one part comedy, one part film noir, and one part japanese tourism bureau film. just the right mix of comedy and sadness. so good.

06 Oct 03

come home, won’t you come home

ew, i had to scrape my car windows this morning – on oct 6th! luckily, it’s going to get up to 20C by midweek. i credit mitch for this, who can apparently control the weather with her mind.

so yeah, this weekend was fully of homecomingy goodness. friday afternoon was mostly spent waiting in line for ritual, but the cheapness of the beer made up for that. saturday morning was a bit of a blur of jello shots, pancakes and beer, followed by a windy and shiver-inducing, unexciting football game. saturday night involved a whole lot of aberdeen (i will have to see if any of my pictures turned out) and the expected mayhem homecoming always brings.

on my way to pick up my car on sunday, i saw the following:

  • a trail of what appeared to be blood for 4 or 5 blocks down johnson
  • an old woman on a ladder trying desparately to extricate a blow-up doll from the tree on her front lawn
  • a street lamp post that had apparently been set on fire at some point the night before
  • approximately 234924223720 tons of broken glass

oh, homecoming.

01 Oct 03

that’s disinteresting.

three small points of (dis)interest:

1. 1757 unique chumps visited my site in september (more than the previous record of 1448 the month before). it would’ve been even higher had my server not been down for the last few days. i’m not even going to get into the obvious question of why?

2. i’m happy to report that 3 people searched for john stamos shirtless pictures and ended up at chumptastic. that is exactly the kind of crowd i’m looking to attract.

3. sept 25th’s inauspicious post was chumptastic’s 500th, without fanfare. that’s…something alright.

i had more to say but it’s fallen out of my brain. more later.

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