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30 Oct 03

auf der maur: coming soon to a stadium near you

auf der maur kicked my ass last night. mitch (being severely star struck and excited) arrived at the grad club super early and got us seats at the table beside the stage – a plan that was somewhat foiled when the keyboardist commanded “get these tables OUTTA HERE! you look like you’re going to fall asleep!” even so, i was standing in front of the stage – so close, in fact, that the guitarist (who didn’t actually fit on the stage) would hit me with his guitar if he turned around too abruptly. at one point during the show, melissa (of hole and smashing pumpkins fame) commented that one of her favourite bands is queens of the stone age. this makes sense ’cause their music is relatively similar – loud, driving, guitar-based goodness…and it was nice to hear her sing for once.

apparently that was only auf der maur’s third show as a band, but it didn’t show. they were apparently using kingston and a few other smaller cities to prepare for shows in toronto and montreal, as well as a big europen tour all winter. lucky for us. it was pretty cool to see a big rock star in, as melissa put it, “your mother’s living room”. oh, and she seems genuinely nice too – lots of autographs were signed and pictures were taken. good.

an aside: holy shit. 182 chumptastic visitors yesterday. who ARE you people?

2 Responses to “auf der maur: coming soon to a stadium near you”

  1. 1
    el scotto Says:

    i think that’s because i visited from 181 different computers yesterday.

  2. 2
    pager Says:

    oh i get it.
    were you also spamming my site with ads for viagra?

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