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28 Oct 03

catch up

good news: i made it so i can post new entries again. until i get a stable dns setup, comments still won’t work on though (although spammers seem to be intent on hammering away at blahblahblah.

so what’s new?

well, for starters, my birthday finally concluded on the weekend when sofi visited. she bestowed upon me many treasures, including a t-shirt that says “computers are fun and useful”, a talking mr. t keychain (first name mister, middle name period, last name…….t), and wilco and neutral milk hotel cds. spoiled! saturday was also robin’s and my birthday party, and i discovered what happens to me after drinking 1.5 litres of wine. not pretty. but fun (for me anyway).

sunday night: maggie and i saw fix, a documentary about the vancouver drug scene and the pursuit of safe injection sites. it was extremely well done, and what made it even cooler was that it was introduced by the director, and after the movie she led a panel discussion, including a couple of “stars” of the film. very well done.

and finally, last night sloan played the grand theatre. now, i’ve seen sloan at least a dozen times, so i was less excited than i am for, say, melissa auf der mar’s band on wednesday – but considering the declining quality of sloan music over the last few years, i’d say that was warranted. it kind of made me sad to note that all of the hyper-excited kids at the show (who consider themselves massive sloan fans, to the point of making their own t-shirts and screaming continuously for several hours) think sloan began with navy blues or between the bridges. this was evident with the declining excitement from the crowd during songs like coax me or deeper than beauty (i, of course, was far more excited for the oldies…but then again, i’m old). also: sloan didn’t tour with a keyboard. gah! that was a big let down. the only good thing i can say about that is that their keyboardless version of c’mon c’mon was excellent. overall, they did a much better job of mixing up new songs with old ones than they did in the past, but their glory days are behind them. oh, and boy (who opened) kicked their ass, much like the dears did last time i saw sloan at the grand.

18 Responses to “catch up”

  1. 1
    Alan Says:

    I quoted from your post over here: I think you may still be having linking issues. Were you the guy in the T-shirt jumping up and down with the faster tunes?

  2. 2
    pager Says:

    nope, i was the guy on the balcony in a by divine right t-shirt looking bored through most of it, remembering the days of patrick lying on his back, still playing guitar, just after forgetting the words to underwhelmed. definitely a far cry from the relatively unpassionate performances i’ve seen over the last few years. where were you sitting?

    and to be clear: it’s not the age of the fans that i have issues with – it’s the fact that they’re unaware of how good sloan WAS. i can’t think of many albums better than twice removed, and wow, when i first heard the original version of underwhelmed (off of peppermint)….. i just hope the real fans will look into their back catalogue.

    as for my linking issues…i’m looking into getting a stable dns set up by the end of the week. that should fix everything, i hope.

  3. 3
    pager Says:

    ah, i take back my “where were you?” question.

  4. 4
    Alan Says:

    You have been a much more attentive follower than I have so I bow to your superior experience. I have some pre-Peppermint but am really catching up, being a Halifax person 1981 to 1992 more than my brother, for example, who went to everything from 1985 to 1999.

    My ears are still screwed. How long will this last? I am so old. You are a pup.

  5. 5
    pager Says:

    well, i can attribute my attentiveness to the fact that sloan’s emergence coincided with the development of my musical taste. i didn’t really know what i liked until 92/93 or so, when i discovered nirvana and hardship post. sloan came soon after.

    i remember going to see sloan play an all ages show in peterborough in 93 or so, and signing up for “sloan net”, an internet mailing list. i wasn’t really sure what the internet was, but i knew i had an email address. i’ve been subscribed ever since, and as a result my brain is chock full of east coast music trivia, especially from the mid-90s. i have a bit of kearney lake road stuff as well as some early sloan, being the geek that i am.

    and that’s enough rambling. my ears are fine though, which is a plus.

  6. 6
    Tyler Says:

    Hey Robbie,

    The other day I found an old Sloan shirt from a show we went to. The show that I remember fondly as “Thrush Hermit opened and was waaay better than Sloan”, I think.

    Anyway, I scanned it:

  7. 7
    pager Says:

    ha, i still have that shirt somewhere too. thrush hermit’s first ever tour, if i recall… and wow they were good. 2nd on the bill: hHead.

    i will always remember that show as the one where the crowd got too moshy at artspace and managed to destroy the lighting fixtures in the stores underneath.

  8. 8
    Sofi Says:

    Might I add to the thread that The Flashing Lights also kicked Sloan’s ass at the Jock Harty show in ’99?

    That, for me, was the beginning of the end of a great live band.

    Also, my brother (who is a year younger than me but who has also liked Sloan for a thousand years)went to a recent Guelph show and was horrified that the only song the crowd seemed to recognize was “The Rest of My Life”.

  9. 9
    pager Says:

    that was quite possibly the worst sloan show in history though. 90% between the bridges. no spontaneity, no energy, just a whole lotta boring. but at least they had keyboards for that show.

    the flashing lights were no super friendz, but they still kicked sloan’s ass.

    let’s see, which openers HAVEN’T kicked sloan’s ass? hip club groove? treble charger? elevator to hell? discuss.

  10. 10
    seven Says:

    you left out lorded.

  11. 11
    seven Says:

    and dont’ forget the classic ma.
    as for the artspace show…best concert ever!thrush hermit ruled.

  12. 12
    pager Says:

    lorded opened for our lady peace and hHead, silly girl. there’s actually a lorded sticker stuck to the wall at the toucan by the dj booth thingy.

    ma, yes, you win that one. remember when he released a single as merlin that got a lot of airplay? so wrong.

  13. 13
    seven Says:

    all i remember about ma was: ok, here’s a song about how my girlfriend dumped me and what a bitch she is. and: now here’s a song about how i’m going to kill my girlfriend.
    ahhh, good times.

  14. 14
    pager Says:

    don’t forget how he kept throwing his microphone stand down, just so a roadie could come in and pick it up again. repeatedly.

  15. 15
    seven Says:

    you also forgot about sugar ray. now, there’s a band.

  16. 16
    seven Says:

    you also forgot about sugar ray. now there’s a band.

  17. 17
    seven Says:

    you also forgot about sugar ray. now there’s a band.

  18. 18
    pager Says:

    i also forgot about sugar ray. now there’s a band.

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