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22 Oct 03

old old old

ah, so another birthday has come and gone. i’m approaching 30 which is currently freaking me out for a number of reasons i’d rather not discuss here. it’s interesting though – a lot of jokes are made about my age (and i think i make more than anyone) compared to the people i hang out with most (mere pups), and this is the first time i’ve actually thought to myself “wow. old.” i’m sure this will pass.

anyway, as for my birthday itself, it was lovely. kristi brought scotto and tim for a visit on sunday, and the showered me with dollar store birthdayness: noisemakers (that make no noise), party hats (one is still attached to my car’s antenna), reading glasses (man, they definitely look like they cost $1), a fabulous archery set (designed to take out an eye) which also included a lovely gem-encrusted dagger, and no doubt other things i’ve forgotten. they also brought me a cake (mmmm), a yo la tengo cd, a futurama dvd set, and the about a boy dvd. not a bad haul.

my actual birthday was yesterday, and jo also provided me with a cake (mmm again). other loot: a t-shirt advertising the fact that “i’m a rocker. i rock out” (courtesy of jo), a mighty wind on dvd (mitch), so i married an ax murderer (robin) and, get this: (also robin). how cool is that? so update your bookmarks because i’m entering the realm of non-profit-dom. i’ll probably be doing a site redesign sometime soon to celebrate.

anyway, it was a lovely birthday so thank you all.

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    Sofi Says:

    I’m getting you a Real Doll (TM)! Feel free to cuddle her in my absence.


    Thanks be to Robin for this fa-reaky link.

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