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15 Oct 03

a short long weekend

that long weekend seemed particularly short. alas. at least i got turkey.

friday night was the much-anticipated super friendz show at the grad club. i hadn’t seen them live since about 1996 (just prior to their break up) and i think i saw them live about 7 or 8 times within a few years. they always put on a great show, so i was eager to see them again. the show was a good time, and full of nostalgia for me at least. unfortunately there were only 20-30 people there (that’s what you get for having it on the friday of a long weekend) but it was pretty intimate as a result. one big disappointment for me: drew wasn’t able to tour with them because he’s apparently in med school. i’ve always been partial to his songs so that was a disappointment, but on the bright side pete elkas from local rabbits not only did a short solo set, but he also filled in for drew.

they played a bunch of old stuff (10 lbs, karate man, come clean, when they paid me, rescue us from boredom, up and running) and most of their new cd, so i can’t really complain about that. a couple minor quibbles: it was sort of like watching a flashing lights show since dave sang one song, charles sang 3, and the rest were matt’s. good thing i like the flashing lights. they also only played 1 song from slide show, but maybe that’s ’cause dave wasn’t with the band during those years…or maybe it’s ’cause they hated each other during that time. highlights: matt playing bass “for the first time”, reminding me of wolfman from that thing you do; matt and charles jamming for the drunk girls in the window (who eventually started licking the glass); the encore consisting of a whole buncha covers, by request (sabbath, skynyrd, blahblahblah).

saturday and sunday consisted of a whirlwind tour of peterborough and surrounding area – turkey avec ma mere, scotto’s birthday extravaganza, etc. tim also showed off his latest collection of flash animations (links will be coming soon), so that was a highlight. and on monday, jo and i ventured to ottawa to pick up robin and take in a CFL game. it may have been the poorest played football game i’ve ever seen, but it was still fun (even though my team lost…and i was the only person in our section cheering for toronto). oh, and i learned a valuable life lesson at the game: north side sucks!

oh…and my exam for music is wednesday evening. i’m sure it will be lovely. and if i don’t kick some ass, how will i ever win the affections of the prof?

2 Responses to “a short long weekend”

  1. 1
    robin Says:

    “a short long weekend”

    is that a cunning reference to the fact that you spent the weekend in Peterborough?

    ie “short long” = mullet?

  2. 2
    pager Says:

    i DID see more than my share of mullets in ottawa this weekend… almost peterboroughesque.

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