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10 Oct 03

…and he also does a killer christopher walken

i’d like to take this opportunity to point out tim’s first step in a burgeoning career in animation:

too funny.

i’d also like to point out that danny michel is SO GOOD when he’s not surrounded by mbast students at the grad club. he played clark last night and he played a good set, but his banter was beyond funny. examples:

  • teaching us that the african lion safari song was actually written by daniel lanois
  • finding a photocopied face of engsoc president john mould in the engsoc lounge, taping it to his drum kit, and dubbing his band “danny michel and the john mould show” for the rest of his tour
  • explaining that he was reading cosmo in guelph the night before during sound check and it prompted him to ask the audience for relationship questions that he and the band could answer on stage. when people actually DID it, he was more than a little surprised and unprepared. (e.g. i’m a 30 year old guy and my girlfriend is 19. we’re both virgins. are we a good match?)

matt barber also played a good solo set, but seemed hammered beyond comprehension while talking to him afterwards.

oh, and i really really wish i could sleep these days. i’m leaving early today because i just can’t think anymore.

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  1. 1
    el scotto Says:

    a few things he said during the show in ptbo:

    “hi there, i’m danny michel, and these are my three german sidekicks, hans, frans, and fritz. we could probably think of a better band name with three german guys in it, but i’m the only one that doesn’t live with my parents when we’re not on tour, so we’re calling ourselves danny michel.”

    “ok, so we’ve already dedicated songs to the nra, and rap music, who should we dedicate this one too?”
    someone in the back yells out, “White Snake!”
    “was that you barber? ok, this one goes out to matt barber, who has white snake posters covering his room. who of course, also lives at his parents house”
    it wasn’t actually matt barber that yelled it out.

    there were many more funny things said at the show, but i’m not going to type them all.

  2. 2
    pager Says:

    the first time i saw him was at the qp (a tiny little pub on campus). he played a solo set with kathleen edwards opening (who has since gotten huge incidentally). i think the highlight of that show was his christopher walken impersonation…he did it repeatedly. hi-larious.

  3. 3
    Danny Michel Says:

    Thanks for the funny page….I love when people see my true talent…imitating Christopher Walken.

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