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06 Oct 03

come home, won’t you come home

ew, i had to scrape my car windows this morning – on oct 6th! luckily, it’s going to get up to 20C by midweek. i credit mitch for this, who can apparently control the weather with her mind.

so yeah, this weekend was fully of homecomingy goodness. friday afternoon was mostly spent waiting in line for ritual, but the cheapness of the beer made up for that. saturday morning was a bit of a blur of jello shots, pancakes and beer, followed by a windy and shiver-inducing, unexciting football game. saturday night involved a whole lot of aberdeen (i will have to see if any of my pictures turned out) and the expected mayhem homecoming always brings.

on my way to pick up my car on sunday, i saw the following:

  • a trail of what appeared to be blood for 4 or 5 blocks down johnson
  • an old woman on a ladder trying desparately to extricate a blow-up doll from the tree on her front lawn
  • a street lamp post that had apparently been set on fire at some point the night before
  • approximately 234924223720 tons of broken glass

oh, homecoming.

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