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01 Oct 03

that’s disinteresting.

three small points of (dis)interest:

1. 1757 unique chumps visited my site in september (more than the previous record of 1448 the month before). it would’ve been even higher had my server not been down for the last few days. i’m not even going to get into the obvious question of why?

2. i’m happy to report that 3 people searched for john stamos shirtless pictures and ended up at chumptastic. that is exactly the kind of crowd i’m looking to attract.

3. sept 25th’s inauspicious post was chumptastic’s 500th, without fanfare. that’s…something alright.

i had more to say but it’s fallen out of my brain. more later.

2 Responses to “that’s disinteresting.”

  1. 1
    b Says:

    Disinterest means no gain,motive or loss in the subject, not no interest ie uninteresting. For example The French were a disinterested party in the US war on Columbian drug barons…I think.

  2. 2
    pager Says:

    that’s funny. suggests that disinterest means:
    not having the mind or feelings engaged : not interested

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