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30 Sep 03

fun is the f-word

so yeah, chumptastic has seen better days. it’s been down a lot over the last couple days, and i haven’t posted anything in a while (’cause every time i try to it seems to go down again). i spoke to a completely inept guy at cogeco last night named matt who tried to convince me that my out of service cable modem was somehow related to my hub. nice try, matt. the technician who visited me on the weekend obviously couldn’t find anything wrong either because he just replaced my modem and went on his way after telling me “everything looks fine”. right. anyway, i finally talked to an intelligent first level support person last night named mike who verified everything i was saying, and has escalated my issue. i was so impressed with him, in fact, i asked him for an email address at which i could contact his supervisor – he gave me i composed a lovely email complimenting him and criticizing his coworker (constructively), only to find that this address bounces. persistent as i am, i searched google for custcare and cogeco – go ahead, give it a try. the number 1 result made me laugh out loud. anyway, in summary, mike gets no kudos, and my internet will hopefully be fixed someday.

moving on…

on the weekend i caught boy at the peel pub (he played a very unrockstarish but fun set to a bunch of morons who could care less, or who cared way way way too much), and the ride theory at the scherzo. the ride theory were fun and played with a lot of energy, and i wouldn’t hesitate to see them again. however, what i’d like to spend more time talking about were their openers, simply called fun. fun isn’t. they played an 8 song set, consisting of 8 fucking songs about to kill a mockingbird. most of them seemed to involve the shooting (or impending shooting) of tim johnson, the rabid dog, and there were some random atticus references thrown in for good measure. this sounds like a funny concept and, had they been more talented and fun (irony!), that could’ve been the set of a lifetime. instead, it just made me angry. granted, i DO have a bit of a rage problem (ask anyone), but still. and from the looks of them, they’d just read to kill a mockingbird last year in grade 9 english.

on an unrelated note, as i am typing this, it looks like the devil is beating his wife again for the 2nd time in two days. weird.

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