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22 Sep 03

all musiced out

i just saw a sign in kingston hall:

found – one retainer, in kingston 304.

ew! i wonder if anything was done to the retainer in the meantime.

so, my week of shows has come to a close. on thursday night i saw the dears who seemed a bit rusty after a couple month lay off (and man, i’m STILL disappointed that benvie’s left the band…tragic), but they were still fun. murray was in pretty good spirits, despite setting a new record for saying the fuck word in an hour span. really, the only complaints i had about the show were the fact that there were two openers (pilate – soso, betablokka – krock shit) and that the dears didn’t go on until after midnight…so i had to leave before the end of their set AGAIN. clearly i’m getting old but really…why do they need to play til 2?

saturday night was matt+jill barber at the grad club. i’d missed several (read: dozens) chances to see matt play around campus over the last few years, so i was glad to finally catch a show. he was quite good, although i only knew a few of the songs they played (LOTS of new ones). highlights included a cover of so lonely by sting, and ring of fire by johnny cash of course. another highlight included maggie telling matt that his songs were pretty after the show, and then promptly apologizing for using the word pretty. his response: “pretty’s alright.” funny.

regrettably, i missed lederhosen lucil last night…stupid too many bands in one week. but, if YOU get a chance to see her, go. so funny, so great.

some people need lunch. rob needs lunch.

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