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15 Sep 03

6 hours should be enough, right?

right, so it’s now 1:20 am and i have been trying to sleep for an hour or so. at this moment my alarm will go off in exactly 6 hours, so i’m dreading tomorrow a bit. i’ve never really been a real insomniac – every couple weeks i’ll have trouble falling asleep, but generally i fall asleep freakishly fast (if i’m not asleep within 5 minutes i probably won’t be for an hour). interestingly, if i were to plot my examples of insomnia over the last 20 years or so, i’d guess that probably 80% of them have been on a sunday night. this made far more sense in highschool when i was angsty and didn’t want to get up the next morning, but i guess some things never change.

anyway, my weekend’s been okay. i went to a pre-world cup women’s soccer game today at the stadium behind my building – very cool. canada dominated much of the game and beat australia 2-0. shockingly (at least to me), ten thousand people showed up for the event. it was also fun to see rob baker of the tragically hip in the $5 cheap seats with us.

other than that, my weekend’s been madden- and movie- (best in show, saving private ryan, grosse point blank, frida) filled. i guess i can’t complain about that.

and now i attempt more sleep.

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