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12 Sep 03

i can see your undies

let me spend a few minutes extolling the virtues of the class i’m enrolled in this term: music 171 – social history of popular music. now, keep in mind i’ve had just one class so far, but picture this: 300 people are enrolled with a waiting list of 80. we spent our first class talking about boring terms such as rhythm, metre, timbre, etc., but in doing so we listened to:

  • ahead by a century by the hip
  • the theme from thirtysomething (i think i was the only one in the class who knew it besides the prof)
  • some great big sea song
  • spoonman by soundgarden (complete with mixed measure goodness!)
  • macy gray
  • bjork
  • little red corvette by prince (which we dissected nicely)

there were others too…how cool is that? and it’s fun to clap along to songs in class, especially when your prof is superentertaining. unfortunately, i now keep finding myself counting along with songs. curses. one two three four, two two three four…….. you know, for someone who knows a lot about music, i know nothing about music.

while i’m extolling virtues, you should all be listening to los angeles, i’m yours by the decemberists right now while you’re reading this. so good. and it contains the line “i can see your undies”. how can you go wrong?

oh, and i had a 1.5 hour long meeting with my director today. i like him and his ideas, and i like the direction he wants to move in. he’s been there for a couple months and he already knows pretty much everyone’s name. our last director never said one word to me in over two years. this is a good thing.

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