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10 Sep 03

lots of boring geek stuff…and umbrellas

i spent a good chunk of my day trying to figure out why internet explorer 6, predominantly on XP, randomly stops allowing people to connect to secure websites. this is a problem that’s plagued us for almost a year – students will run windows update, or install msn or something and suddenly poof, their computer is screwed. until this point our only solution was to use netscape or reinstall everything…not exactly satisfactory. so anyway, after several hours of poking around (and, at one point, making it so this poor girl’s laptop would bluescreen on every single reboot), i found microsoft knowledgebase entry 813444, and specifically this line:

regsvr32 initpki.dll

if you found this entry because you’re searching for a solution to this problem, run that. just like i typed it. chances are it’ll fix it. and man, i wish i’d figured that out a year ago.

anyway, now that that’s over with…. ok, so who left their off-whiteish beigeish umbrella in my car? i’m not one to look a gift umbrella in the mouth, but i’m stumped as to who it could belong to.

incidentally: my favourite french word is parapluie. write that down.

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