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07 Sep 03

coincidentally speaking

my life’s been one big swirling coincidence over the last month or so. case in point:

  • walking by benedickson field with kelly and noticing a couple sitting in the middle. we guessed it was a break up. we were right, and it was kelly’s housemate.
  • sitting beside douglas with mitch eating lunch, talking about the philosophy prof that we didn’t like and hadn’t seen since our class ended last december…and having him walk by two minutes later.
  • another lunchtime: describing this random guy to mitch that i see constantly who looks like another of our beloved coworkers, and walking by him about 10 minutes later.
  • two lunches in a row, walking by this woman i recognized as someone from the school of computing. i asked mitch if she recognized her, which she did not. when i came back from lunch #2, i had an email waiting from her.
  • on our way to atomica, explaining to cindy that i only know one person who’d ever been there before (i.e. andrea). then walking by andrea’s boyfriend 2 minutes later. oh, and then having andrea and jo walk into atomica halfway through our meal.

there’ve been more. but that’s enough to weird me out.

on another note, if you don’t watch six feet under, you really should. wow.

2 Responses to “coincidentally speaking”

  1. 1
    Sofi Says:

    I watch “Six Feet Under”, too! What a wacky coincidence!

  2. 2
    robin Says:

    I am slightly “Under Six Feet” tall! What an almost-coincidence!

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