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03 Sep 03

oh so low

you know you’ve reached a milestone of sorts when you get mocked by the old woman who validates your student card. that’s right, my joke was so bad even she couldn’t feign politeness. the actual conversation:

me: hi *hands over my student card*
her: oh, you’re a part time student? *drops the roll of full time student validation stickers*
me: yeah…but you can give me a full time sticker if you want.
her: ha. ha. clever.
me: (thinking) woo! an all time low!

anyway, last night was andrea’s goodbye party #2. i was SO tired though (as usual) that all i wanted to do was come home and sleep. of course, the ultimate frisbee players outside my window had other ideas. zzzz.

thankfully, my week is almost over. 2 more days til a real weekend!

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