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30 Sep 03

fun is the f-word

so yeah, chumptastic has seen better days. it’s been down a lot over the last couple days, and i haven’t posted anything in a while (’cause every time i try to it seems to go down again). i spoke to a completely inept guy at cogeco last night named matt who tried to convince me that my out of service cable modem was somehow related to my hub. nice try, matt. the technician who visited me on the weekend obviously couldn’t find anything wrong either because he just replaced my modem and went on his way after telling me “everything looks fine”. right. anyway, i finally talked to an intelligent first level support person last night named mike who verified everything i was saying, and has escalated my issue. i was so impressed with him, in fact, i asked him for an email address at which i could contact his supervisor – he gave me i composed a lovely email complimenting him and criticizing his coworker (constructively), only to find that this address bounces. persistent as i am, i searched google for custcare and cogeco – go ahead, give it a try. the number 1 result made me laugh out loud. anyway, in summary, mike gets no kudos, and my internet will hopefully be fixed someday.

moving on…

on the weekend i caught boy at the peel pub (he played a very unrockstarish but fun set to a bunch of morons who could care less, or who cared way way way too much), and the ride theory at the scherzo. the ride theory were fun and played with a lot of energy, and i wouldn’t hesitate to see them again. however, what i’d like to spend more time talking about were their openers, simply called fun. fun isn’t. they played an 8 song set, consisting of 8 fucking songs about to kill a mockingbird. most of them seemed to involve the shooting (or impending shooting) of tim johnson, the rabid dog, and there were some random atticus references thrown in for good measure. this sounds like a funny concept and, had they been more talented and fun (irony!), that could’ve been the set of a lifetime. instead, it just made me angry. granted, i DO have a bit of a rage problem (ask anyone), but still. and from the looks of them, they’d just read to kill a mockingbird last year in grade 9 english.

on an unrelated note, as i am typing this, it looks like the devil is beating his wife again for the 2nd time in two days. weird.

25 Sep 03


so, on my walk in this morning from brock to stauffer, it started to pour. as i was putting up my umbrella i slipped on – get this – a pile of wet raw bacon. yes, that’s right, wet raw bacon. i didn’t actually fall down into the rancid though, which i guess would’ve made for a better story.

also: i just like to say wet raw bacon.

24 Sep 03

famous again

my prof said my name in class today! i’m famous. step 1 toward marrying her is complete. tonight i learned more than i ever wanted to about boogie woogie piano, surge singing and swing music, but it’s still cool. oh, and nothing beats watching the white boys and girls in the ed sullivan audience clapping along merrily to james brown.

also interesting: the ride theory are playing at the scherzo again on saturday (which is a good thing since i managed to miss them in the summer), and one of the guys in the band is in my music class and invited the prof. she can’t make it, but she DID invite the entire class (and implied that it will be on the exam). alright is my current favourite song, incidentally.

22 Sep 03

all musiced out

i just saw a sign in kingston hall:

found – one retainer, in kingston 304.

ew! i wonder if anything was done to the retainer in the meantime.

so, my week of shows has come to a close. on thursday night i saw the dears who seemed a bit rusty after a couple month lay off (and man, i’m STILL disappointed that benvie’s left the band…tragic), but they were still fun. murray was in pretty good spirits, despite setting a new record for saying the fuck word in an hour span. really, the only complaints i had about the show were the fact that there were two openers (pilate – soso, betablokka – krock shit) and that the dears didn’t go on until after midnight…so i had to leave before the end of their set AGAIN. clearly i’m getting old but really…why do they need to play til 2?

saturday night was matt+jill barber at the grad club. i’d missed several (read: dozens) chances to see matt play around campus over the last few years, so i was glad to finally catch a show. he was quite good, although i only knew a few of the songs they played (LOTS of new ones). highlights included a cover of so lonely by sting, and ring of fire by johnny cash of course. another highlight included maggie telling matt that his songs were pretty after the show, and then promptly apologizing for using the word pretty. his response: “pretty’s alright.” funny.

regrettably, i missed lederhosen lucil last night…stupid too many bands in one week. but, if YOU get a chance to see her, go. so funny, so great.

some people need lunch. rob needs lunch.

18 Sep 03

try a little tenderness

i learned about tin pan alley, the beginnings of country/hillbilly music, and ragtime tonight. boring stuff. and yet, i still enjoyed the class. that’s the sign of a good class.

it didn’t hurt that we got to listen to otis redding’s try a little tenderness, which can’t really be beat. sinatra’s and bing crosby’s versions are pretty funny in comparison.

thursday night: the dears. woo.

15 Sep 03

6 hours should be enough, right?

right, so it’s now 1:20 am and i have been trying to sleep for an hour or so. at this moment my alarm will go off in exactly 6 hours, so i’m dreading tomorrow a bit. i’ve never really been a real insomniac – every couple weeks i’ll have trouble falling asleep, but generally i fall asleep freakishly fast (if i’m not asleep within 5 minutes i probably won’t be for an hour). interestingly, if i were to plot my examples of insomnia over the last 20 years or so, i’d guess that probably 80% of them have been on a sunday night. this made far more sense in highschool when i was angsty and didn’t want to get up the next morning, but i guess some things never change.

anyway, my weekend’s been okay. i went to a pre-world cup women’s soccer game today at the stadium behind my building – very cool. canada dominated much of the game and beat australia 2-0. shockingly (at least to me), ten thousand people showed up for the event. it was also fun to see rob baker of the tragically hip in the $5 cheap seats with us.

other than that, my weekend’s been madden- and movie- (best in show, saving private ryan, grosse point blank, frida) filled. i guess i can’t complain about that.

and now i attempt more sleep.

12 Sep 03

i can see your undies

let me spend a few minutes extolling the virtues of the class i’m enrolled in this term: music 171 – social history of popular music. now, keep in mind i’ve had just one class so far, but picture this: 300 people are enrolled with a waiting list of 80. we spent our first class talking about boring terms such as rhythm, metre, timbre, etc., but in doing so we listened to:

  • ahead by a century by the hip
  • the theme from thirtysomething (i think i was the only one in the class who knew it besides the prof)
  • some great big sea song
  • spoonman by soundgarden (complete with mixed measure goodness!)
  • macy gray
  • bjork
  • little red corvette by prince (which we dissected nicely)

there were others too…how cool is that? and it’s fun to clap along to songs in class, especially when your prof is superentertaining. unfortunately, i now keep finding myself counting along with songs. curses. one two three four, two two three four…….. you know, for someone who knows a lot about music, i know nothing about music.

while i’m extolling virtues, you should all be listening to los angeles, i’m yours by the decemberists right now while you’re reading this. so good. and it contains the line “i can see your undies”. how can you go wrong?

oh, and i had a 1.5 hour long meeting with my director today. i like him and his ideas, and i like the direction he wants to move in. he’s been there for a couple months and he already knows pretty much everyone’s name. our last director never said one word to me in over two years. this is a good thing.

10 Sep 03

lots of boring geek stuff…and umbrellas

i spent a good chunk of my day trying to figure out why internet explorer 6, predominantly on XP, randomly stops allowing people to connect to secure websites. this is a problem that’s plagued us for almost a year – students will run windows update, or install msn or something and suddenly poof, their computer is screwed. until this point our only solution was to use netscape or reinstall everything…not exactly satisfactory. so anyway, after several hours of poking around (and, at one point, making it so this poor girl’s laptop would bluescreen on every single reboot), i found microsoft knowledgebase entry 813444, and specifically this line:

regsvr32 initpki.dll

if you found this entry because you’re searching for a solution to this problem, run that. just like i typed it. chances are it’ll fix it. and man, i wish i’d figured that out a year ago.

anyway, now that that’s over with…. ok, so who left their off-whiteish beigeish umbrella in my car? i’m not one to look a gift umbrella in the mouth, but i’m stumped as to who it could belong to.

incidentally: my favourite french word is parapluie. write that down.

09 Sep 03

an early birthday list

i’d just like to take this opportunity to thank whoever signed me up for the hammacher schlemmer catalogue. now i can, at last, order me a genuine turkish bathrobe, an electric blue 36 string harp, some buckwheat relaxation booties, and of course that damn cotton candy machine that no one bought me last time i asked. i’d love to know who subscribed me. it was a lovely surprise.

07 Sep 03

coincidentally speaking

my life’s been one big swirling coincidence over the last month or so. case in point:

  • walking by benedickson field with kelly and noticing a couple sitting in the middle. we guessed it was a break up. we were right, and it was kelly’s housemate.
  • sitting beside douglas with mitch eating lunch, talking about the philosophy prof that we didn’t like and hadn’t seen since our class ended last december…and having him walk by two minutes later.
  • another lunchtime: describing this random guy to mitch that i see constantly who looks like another of our beloved coworkers, and walking by him about 10 minutes later.
  • two lunches in a row, walking by this woman i recognized as someone from the school of computing. i asked mitch if she recognized her, which she did not. when i came back from lunch #2, i had an email waiting from her.
  • on our way to atomica, explaining to cindy that i only know one person who’d ever been there before (i.e. andrea). then walking by andrea’s boyfriend 2 minutes later. oh, and then having andrea and jo walk into atomica halfway through our meal.

there’ve been more. but that’s enough to weird me out.

on another note, if you don’t watch six feet under, you really should. wow.

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