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31 Aug 03

incoming frosh

ah, nothing says sunday morning like waking up at 7:15 for work. yes, that’s right, i’m currently psyching myself up for one of the busiest days of the year – frosh move in day. picture, if you will, hundreds and hundreds of phone calls from poor first years who can’t figure out how to plug their phone cable into their ethernet card or, even better, fathers who “hooked it up themself but can’t get it turned on and they KNOW something about computers so don’t start with the basics” when, in fact, they forgot to plug it in. in summary, working sundays is for chumps.

last night was my 2nd attempt at peel pubbing. my friends and i were all looking forward to the opening of a new non-hub-related bar, and my two visits thus far have been less than satisfying. the service is sloooooow, the beer selection is quite poor, the music is so loud you can’t hear the person beside you (and upstairs it is ALL from 1993 – and they’re not shy about repeating hey jealousy, low and no rain) and the clientele seems to be a mix of frat boy types who love singing along with the hip or dave matthews while playing fooz and spilling beer on each other, and high maintenance types who look like they would better fit in at stages or the like. i saw fewer of the second type last night, but i think that’s because the only table we could find was upstairs in the pool table area. regardless, i think i may give them a few more weeks to figure out why they suck before going back…if i go back at all.

and now i should finish getting ready for work.

2 Responses to “incoming frosh”

  1. 1
    Sofi Says:

    The current view from the 4th floor of John Orr tower:

    -Minivans being swarmed by legions of jacket-slamming purple people shouting “WE LOVE FRESH FRAWSH!”

    -Pallid 17-year-olds and their parents carrying lugguage and laundry baskets, attempting not to make eye contact with the big scary ’06s.


  2. 2
    pager Says:

    that’s bobby orr tower.

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