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27 Aug 03

i’m famouser than ever

it’s certainly been an interesting day. training for our staff began today, and thus far it’s been a bit subpar in my opinion. so much has been going on lately my head is a bit on the full side…so much so, in fact, that i felt almost drunk tonight, or at least mildly retarded. and, as an added bonus, i’m supposed to be giving a session tomorrow on a piece of software that apparently doesn’t work. should be a wonderful session.

in cooler news, i discovered two sites that have been talking about chumptastic lately. i came across them when i was trying to figure out why the hell i’ve had 200 more visitors this month than ever before (and the month’s not even over yet) and have been averaging 100 visits per day this month, up from 60 or so previously.

anyway, check this post (chumptastic “well written”? hardly…) which talks about that lovely power outage sign that robin wants credit for finding, and this post about the local kingston music scene. i feel special now!

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    Alan Says:

    As all I can grant is the most minor of celebrity statuses, I am glad you are pleased. Interesting to see the jump in your visits.

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