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24 Aug 03

weekend recap

ah, another weekend has come to an end…except i worked yesterday and today for a bit. that doesn’t seem quite right, somehow.

friday night, after much consternation, robin, jo and i attended evil dead: the musical in toronto. it was much like a queen’s players show, with more blood and cooler puppets. it was also fun because robin was a celebrity, having designed their logo and posters. i was completely dead by the end of the 11 pm show (i think we got out of there around 1:15 or so), so sleeping on nadia’s couch was welcomed.

i came home saturday earlyish and did some work like a good, productive boy, and then rewarded myself by visiting the newly opened peel pub. it has potential, but at this point their waitstaff is still too clueless for me…and what’s up with them having to carry your drinks up and down stairs for you?

this week looks a bit on the crazy hectic side. should be lovely.

oh, and sarah: i hope you’re enjoying england, surrounded by boys with cute accents.

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