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18 Aug 03

the power saga

i’m home from work today because ontario is trying to conserve energy today…why i wasn’t off on friday is beyond me. but, this gives me the opportunity to recap some of the fun i’ve had over the past few days.

on thursday at 4:10 i was in the men’s washroom in stauffer library, using the hand dryer. the lights flickered a bit, and the hand dryer started to smell a bit like burning, so when the lights went out i thought i was partly to blame. my next thought was “oh god, i’m trapped in the dark in the middle of stauffer behind a locked door that can only be opened with a proximity card”. so, i stumbled slowly out of the washroom with my hands in front of me and made my way over to the door and discovered that apparently prox cards have battery backup. thank god. freedom!

while i was driving home from work i thought it was unusual that the power outage went so far – all the way to my house! that’s unheard of, i thought. i didn’t have anything to do, so i chose to have a nap. when i woke up i got a phone call telling me the extent of the power craziness, and that it could be out all night. as a result, i went over to robin’s and joined some MBAST students in some powerless fun. (robin: “i’m not sure what we’re going to do since all of our favourite things require electricity”). it was an ok night though, involving alcohol, visible stars, and wandering through the darkened ghetto. it’s amazing how many people were drinking on their porch. in our travels we wanted to see if rob baker (aka that long haired guy in the tragically hip) was using his generator like he did during the ice storm, but when we arrived at his house we discovered him in full parental mode with several little kids milling about in front of his house. a true rock star. anyway, i left robin’s around 11:30 (where the power was still out) and found that my power had returned around 9:45. his didn’t come back til after 2. ha.

i went to work on friday and it was a bit of a struggle. the network was screwy all day, and people started going home early on. but not me. i stayed in my office as it continued to get warmer and warmer due to a lack of air conditioning, fan, or openable windows. i finally disappeared around 3 ’cause i had absolutely nothing to do.

at 3 i went to the cat centre, and when i’d gotten about 10 steps in the door the power went out there. it was funny to watch the guys at the battery store close the gates and run out the door with a loud “YES!” before it even sunk in what had gone on. i then turned around quickly and attempted to beat the rush out of the mall, successfully. the ride home was a bit scary though…no traffic lights on gardiners and bath = scary.

my power went out again on friday evening at around 5:30 or so, and jo called me to tell me she was home from peterborough a day early so i went over there to enjoy her power. of course, hers vanished soon after i arrived, but only for an hour and a half or so. the returned power didn’t stop us from continuing to drink beer though.

the rest of my weekend was full of power. margaritaville saturday night. andrea’s soccer game last night. fun.

oh, and on the way home from margaritaville, robin pointed out an official message from kingston’s mayor that was posted on a light pole. our mayor doesn’t have very good penmanship, apparently. and yes, i know, i really should look into buying a scanner. you get the idea regardless.

and now i’ll get back to enjoying my day off.

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