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12 Aug 03

viruses suck the suck suck

wow, today was beyond bad.
it started with a couple hours of scrubbing of 3+ years of gross from the tops of computer counters in the university centre. words can’t describe the filth that can accumulate on tops of counters that are used about 23 hours a day, especially while located next to a coffee shop and campus pub…and that’s not even mentioning the dust inside the cabinets. andrea walked by when i was just beginning, and we were discussing why those counters get so much dirtier than the ones in mac corry, and she speculated that there may be a different sort of clientele in mac corry. as if to prove her point, i looked at the guy beside me, and he was looking at porn (a woman shaving, incidentally).

anyway, after that was done, i spent the next 10 straight hours dealing with virus-related issues. i got my first ever computer virus today, and it appeared as though everyone else at queen’s was also struck with blaster. what a pain in the ass. as a fun bonus, every computer lab PC was also afflicted, so i spent many hours cleaning that up.

anyway, i’m home now. and that’s a relief.

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