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11 Aug 03

sofi’s party o’ fun

the weekend was, as expected, fabulous. sofi’s party was lovely and consisted of watching far too much freddie prinze jr (with jason biggs of course), a very loud live band (that kept going and going, much to the chagrine of neighbours), a gazebo, 2.5 litres of creemore, not a lot of sleep, and much fun and revelry. sunday was also fun, as wandering around queen west always is. (unfortunately, rotate this was too scorchingly hot to spend more than about 5 minutes in so i didn’t get to browse as much as i would have liked). i have a handful of pictures i think, and i will share those later in the week if any turned out.

and now, i am home, and have enjoyed another day of work much like those from last week…except it went by unbelievably fast.

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