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04 Aug 03

just skip this entry unless you’re a geek

last week i finally got around to attempting to set up chumptastic as a mail server. i’ve thought that would be pretty cool for ages: being able to send mail from, blahblahblah. i’ve actually been able to SEND mail forever, but i was never able to receive any (so no one could reply) – a bit of a flaw. so, i set out to figure out why.

here’s the geek part…skip this if you could care less: i first attempted to reinstall sendmail. that didn’t fix it, so i switch to qmail and postfix, and in doing so i ended up having dependencies on all 3 programs so things were really screwed up for a while there. i finally went back to sendmail, still not working. then i thought it might be a firewall problem – i couldn’t telnet to port 25 from anywhere on chumptastic, except from the local machine. the weird thing was, iptables were screwed…it reported a missing module or something. i uninstalled iptables (which, incidentally, uninstalled my webserver too…oops…glad i noticed that) and tried to install a newer version. of course, that required upgrading my kernel, which is a scary prospect at the best of times. i got that done, and iptables working fine….but i still could receive no email.

after googling for quite some time i found some guy’s offhanded reference to the fact that he wasn’t sure whether or not cogeco in kingston blocks port 25. of course, they do, and my week’s worth of effort was futile.

anyway, i wrote this so i would remember what i did and so if someone in kingston in the future is attempting to do this, they will discover that cogeco doesn’t want SMTP to work. so nyah to those of you who will inevitably post what a geek i am in the comments section.

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    Sofi Says:

    Wow. I can’t believe I ignored your warnings and actually read that entire post.

    I’ll never get those two minutes back.

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