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31 Aug 03

incoming frosh

ah, nothing says sunday morning like waking up at 7:15 for work. yes, that’s right, i’m currently psyching myself up for one of the busiest days of the year – frosh move in day. picture, if you will, hundreds and hundreds of phone calls from poor first years who can’t figure out how to plug their phone cable into their ethernet card or, even better, fathers who “hooked it up themself but can’t get it turned on and they KNOW something about computers so don’t start with the basics” when, in fact, they forgot to plug it in. in summary, working sundays is for chumps.

last night was my 2nd attempt at peel pubbing. my friends and i were all looking forward to the opening of a new non-hub-related bar, and my two visits thus far have been less than satisfying. the service is sloooooow, the beer selection is quite poor, the music is so loud you can’t hear the person beside you (and upstairs it is ALL from 1993 – and they’re not shy about repeating hey jealousy, low and no rain) and the clientele seems to be a mix of frat boy types who love singing along with the hip or dave matthews while playing fooz and spilling beer on each other, and high maintenance types who look like they would better fit in at stages or the like. i saw fewer of the second type last night, but i think that’s because the only table we could find was upstairs in the pool table area. regardless, i think i may give them a few more weeks to figure out why they suck before going back…if i go back at all.

and now i should finish getting ready for work.

27 Aug 03

i’m famouser than ever

it’s certainly been an interesting day. training for our staff began today, and thus far it’s been a bit subpar in my opinion. so much has been going on lately my head is a bit on the full side…so much so, in fact, that i felt almost drunk tonight, or at least mildly retarded. and, as an added bonus, i’m supposed to be giving a session tomorrow on a piece of software that apparently doesn’t work. should be a wonderful session.

in cooler news, i discovered two sites that have been talking about chumptastic lately. i came across them when i was trying to figure out why the hell i’ve had 200 more visitors this month than ever before (and the month’s not even over yet) and have been averaging 100 visits per day this month, up from 60 or so previously.

anyway, check this post (chumptastic “well written”? hardly…) which talks about that lovely power outage sign that robin wants credit for finding, and this post about the local kingston music scene. i feel special now!

26 Aug 03

life speeds up, yet slows down

wow, work is crazy hectic. i think i may have spent 6 hours on the phone today, trying to track down computers who have viruses or who’ve been hacked. a good time was had by all.

some trivia that only i will care about:
apparently the pernice brothers (who sing my current favourite song of the moment, the weakest shade of blue) are actually composed of two members of one of my favourite bands of the mid-90s, jale (from halifax no less). and yet, the pernice brothers still have no canadian tour dates booked. sigh.

24 Aug 03

weekend recap

ah, another weekend has come to an end…except i worked yesterday and today for a bit. that doesn’t seem quite right, somehow.

friday night, after much consternation, robin, jo and i attended evil dead: the musical in toronto. it was much like a queen’s players show, with more blood and cooler puppets. it was also fun because robin was a celebrity, having designed their logo and posters. i was completely dead by the end of the 11 pm show (i think we got out of there around 1:15 or so), so sleeping on nadia’s couch was welcomed.

i came home saturday earlyish and did some work like a good, productive boy, and then rewarded myself by visiting the newly opened peel pub. it has potential, but at this point their waitstaff is still too clueless for me…and what’s up with them having to carry your drinks up and down stairs for you?

this week looks a bit on the crazy hectic side. should be lovely.

oh, and sarah: i hope you’re enjoying england, surrounded by boys with cute accents.

19 Aug 03


i swear i’m melting.

whose idea was it to design buildings with windows that don’t open? sigh.

18 Aug 03

the power saga

i’m home from work today because ontario is trying to conserve energy today…why i wasn’t off on friday is beyond me. but, this gives me the opportunity to recap some of the fun i’ve had over the past few days.

on thursday at 4:10 i was in the men’s washroom in stauffer library, using the hand dryer. the lights flickered a bit, and the hand dryer started to smell a bit like burning, so when the lights went out i thought i was partly to blame. my next thought was “oh god, i’m trapped in the dark in the middle of stauffer behind a locked door that can only be opened with a proximity card”. so, i stumbled slowly out of the washroom with my hands in front of me and made my way over to the door and discovered that apparently prox cards have battery backup. thank god. freedom!

while i was driving home from work i thought it was unusual that the power outage went so far – all the way to my house! that’s unheard of, i thought. i didn’t have anything to do, so i chose to have a nap. when i woke up i got a phone call telling me the extent of the power craziness, and that it could be out all night. as a result, i went over to robin’s and joined some MBAST students in some powerless fun. (robin: “i’m not sure what we’re going to do since all of our favourite things require electricity”). it was an ok night though, involving alcohol, visible stars, and wandering through the darkened ghetto. it’s amazing how many people were drinking on their porch. in our travels we wanted to see if rob baker (aka that long haired guy in the tragically hip) was using his generator like he did during the ice storm, but when we arrived at his house we discovered him in full parental mode with several little kids milling about in front of his house. a true rock star. anyway, i left robin’s around 11:30 (where the power was still out) and found that my power had returned around 9:45. his didn’t come back til after 2. ha.

i went to work on friday and it was a bit of a struggle. the network was screwy all day, and people started going home early on. but not me. i stayed in my office as it continued to get warmer and warmer due to a lack of air conditioning, fan, or openable windows. i finally disappeared around 3 ’cause i had absolutely nothing to do.

at 3 i went to the cat centre, and when i’d gotten about 10 steps in the door the power went out there. it was funny to watch the guys at the battery store close the gates and run out the door with a loud “YES!” before it even sunk in what had gone on. i then turned around quickly and attempted to beat the rush out of the mall, successfully. the ride home was a bit scary though…no traffic lights on gardiners and bath = scary.

my power went out again on friday evening at around 5:30 or so, and jo called me to tell me she was home from peterborough a day early so i went over there to enjoy her power. of course, hers vanished soon after i arrived, but only for an hour and a half or so. the returned power didn’t stop us from continuing to drink beer though.

the rest of my weekend was full of power. margaritaville saturday night. andrea’s soccer game last night. fun.

oh, and on the way home from margaritaville, robin pointed out an official message from kingston’s mayor that was posted on a light pole. our mayor doesn’t have very good penmanship, apparently. and yes, i know, i really should look into buying a scanner. you get the idea regardless.

and now i’ll get back to enjoying my day off.

12 Aug 03

viruses suck the suck suck

wow, today was beyond bad.
it started with a couple hours of scrubbing of 3+ years of gross from the tops of computer counters in the university centre. words can’t describe the filth that can accumulate on tops of counters that are used about 23 hours a day, especially while located next to a coffee shop and campus pub…and that’s not even mentioning the dust inside the cabinets. andrea walked by when i was just beginning, and we were discussing why those counters get so much dirtier than the ones in mac corry, and she speculated that there may be a different sort of clientele in mac corry. as if to prove her point, i looked at the guy beside me, and he was looking at porn (a woman shaving, incidentally).

anyway, after that was done, i spent the next 10 straight hours dealing with virus-related issues. i got my first ever computer virus today, and it appeared as though everyone else at queen’s was also struck with blaster. what a pain in the ass. as a fun bonus, every computer lab PC was also afflicted, so i spent many hours cleaning that up.

anyway, i’m home now. and that’s a relief.

12 Aug 03

thieves? in kingston?

i just saw a sign in the ghetto on a lightpole that said:

“Fuck you, you stealing bastards! You know who you are. You can go to hell!”

the problem with this, of course, is that they WON’T know who they are. that sign could be referring to about 3/4 of the people who walk by that pole on a given day, judging from the rate of bike and laptop thefts on campus.

11 Aug 03

sofi’s party o’ fun

the weekend was, as expected, fabulous. sofi’s party was lovely and consisted of watching far too much freddie prinze jr (with jason biggs of course), a very loud live band (that kept going and going, much to the chagrine of neighbours), a gazebo, 2.5 litres of creemore, not a lot of sleep, and much fun and revelry. sunday was also fun, as wandering around queen west always is. (unfortunately, rotate this was too scorchingly hot to spend more than about 5 minutes in so i didn’t get to browse as much as i would have liked). i have a handful of pictures i think, and i will share those later in the week if any turned out.

and now, i am home, and have enjoyed another day of work much like those from last week…except it went by unbelievably fast.

09 Aug 03

the week is over

ah, my week of extreme annoyance has come to an end. it’s been a while since i’ve been that frustrated over co-workers’ complete ineptitude and ineffectualness. sure, it’s the kind of thing that proves itself on a daily basis, but this past week demonstrated what happens when various people don’t do their job and how it has a direct impact on me and the group i work with. how did these people get hired in the first place? and why are there never any consequences?

and today’s sofi’s party day, so i’m zooming off to toronto later on this afternoon. i’m kicking myself for not getting my air conditioner REALLY fixed ’cause the drive looks to be nice and toasty. i just didn’t want to add the aggravation of being screwed around by the car people to my week. driving aside though, the party should be lovely…and i feel like i’ve finally caught up on my sleep so i feel good, at least for the moment.

also: i’m happy to have come across this page. i think i’ve officially reached the end of the internet, and now i’ll start heading back.

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