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29 Jul 03

buck passing

so i took my car in for service today, before the big toronto voyage tomorrow. it’s due for routine maintenance, and i also wanted them to fix my cruise control and air conditioning…and as a side note i asked them to look at my gas gauge (on my way to the garage i supposedly used 1/4 tank of gas). their response to the gas gauge problem:

mechanic guy: this is a known problem with cavaliers. the fix is for us to run some cleaner through it and have you to switch to name brand gas.
me: name brand gas?
mechanic guy: yeah, esso, petro canada, something like that. some companies are adding additives into their gas that cause the cavalier gauges to not work right.
me: yeah, i’m not going to do that. 5 cents more per litre’s a bit more than i care to spend.
(consultation between mechanic guy and head mechanic guy)
mechanic guy: if you don’t switch brands, general motors won’t pay for fixing it.
me: (with my fingers crossed, thus making it okay to lie) ok i will switch then.

my question: if it’s only cavaliers that are having this problem, how can they be blaming the gas?

anyway, i’m looking forward to driving to toronto tomorrow with my air conditioning not freezing my feet no matter what setting it’s on.

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    aj2000 Says:

    GM mechanic’s fix for the cigarette lighter on my two-week old 2004 vibe that won’t come out without pliers making it sort of difficult to charge my cell phone? “Only plug it in half-way and leave it like that, that way you can get it out.” Uh, yeah… I bought the vibe because Volkswagen’s service was bad…

    Moral of story: do a half-assed job. It’s the American way.

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