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29 Jul 03

buck passing ctd.

so let’s see…
i took my car in for an oil change, to get my a/c fixed, to get my cruise control fixed, and to get my gas gauge fixed. i got a phone call saying that they can’t fix my cruise control ’cause it didn’t come with the car and that they need an extra day to fix my a/c. oh, and i already mentioned the gas gauge solution.

at least i got my oil changed…

2 Responses to “buck passing ctd.”

  1. 1
    steve Says:

    your car sucks…doesn’t petro canada have adds about the additives they add to your gas to make it run cleaner? would that not muck up the gauge? also, aren’t gas gauges just wire probes?

    again, your car sucks…you should throw it off your balcony.

  2. 2
    Yanna Says:

    anyone reads archive on here?
    was searching the net cause may have problem with gas gauge on cavalier2000
    so question, after they (GM) fixed the problem where do you now shop for the gas? does that really matter? last two times I used shell :S

    p.s. was reading other postings here, and really can’t tell was able to figure message board objective 🙂

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