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27 Jul 03

hot + late = bad

that was a tiring weekend.

friday night was the dears show in fabulous peterborough. that gave robin and i the opportunity to visit with jo, in addition to seeing one of my favourite bands live (again). a fun added bonus was that kristi and el scotto also attended the show, thus leading to a weird page family reunion – all 3 of us coming from different cities to partake in the muzak.

unfortunately, the show had some flaws:
1. there were 2 opening bands. i now have a new rule about attending a show with 2 opening bands that start after 7 pm. good lord that led to a late show – i think i got home around 2:20 or so.
2. it was approximately 238492742342 degrees in the bar. lots of people + a hot night = bad combination. i was gradually melting and that wasn’t helping me stay awake.
3. we had to leave for kingston at 8:30 the next morning to be back in time for our softball tournament. i had a lot of trouble falling asleep and when the alarm went off it was though i hadn’t slept at all. i’m still working on catching up.

the dears themselves were solid as always, and it’s quite fun for me to see how pissed off natalia is at each show. she’s NOT a happy woman. murray, however, was surprisingly cheery, inexplicably extolling the virtues of peterborough. tigre benvie was inexplicably absent.

saturday was softball day – 4 games starting at 11:30. we managed to make it to the semi-finals, and then the finals today…where we managed to lose for the 2nd straight year. we’re number 2! one player on our team suggested renaming our team the buffalo bills for next year. on a fun note, i managed to mess up my elbow again. i thought i was past that. luckily i won’t have to throw anything for ages, and it’s not like my team missed me when i wasn’t playing anyway. my scorekeeping and cheerleading was excellent though.

this week: more holidays. woo.

5 Responses to “hot + late = bad”

  1. 1
    el scotto Says:

    we stayed until the end, so i got home at 3:00.

  2. 2
    pager Says:

    wow. they played forever. i wish they’d started two hours sooner.

  3. 3
    Joebocop Says:

    Hey… where did my POST account go? Who cares about bloggin’ Peterborough’s events when I can’t even maintain a POST account.

    ‘Tis a sad day.

    nice ws pager.


  4. 4
    el scotto Says:

    they got an excellent review in today’s examiner.

  5. 5
    pager Says:

    1. moving to the yukon sealed your post account’s fate, joe. didn’t you read your job contract? we don’t cotton to northern-types around here.

    2. did you cut the dears review out and stick it on your fridge? i’m actually shocked the examiner noticed the dears came to town.

    3. they’re not ALL about smugglers. for example, the smugglers of pirates cove is about pirates.

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