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23 Jul 03

free credit card numbers for all

ok, so i just reserved a parking spot for the big crazy rolling stones concert next wednesday (rather than walking 2 hours…) it’s gonna cost $27 (ironic when the ticket itself was $21), but i can live with that. what’s most interesting is that when i called the number, after redialling for 20+ minutes, i was put “on hold”…but hold entailed having the phone put down beside someone. so, as i was sitting there, i could hear the woman repeating someone else’s credit card number…uhhhh. i guess that’s one way to recoup the $27…

thankfully the woman i talked to wasn’t quite so stupid and didn’t repeat mine aloud.

2 Responses to “free credit card numbers for all”

  1. 1
    A.J. Says:

    Admit it: you’re going for the Timberlake.

  2. 2
    robin Says:

    shit… the credit card number wasn’t 5462 4115 1969 2985, exp. 03/04, was it?!?! fuck, she better not have given away my credit info! if she has, then I, Robin J. Senior, born 1979/10/23, will be very upset!

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