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21 Jul 03

holidays = instant rain

and now it’s tim’s birthday. woo. 15!

my day was 100% uneventful. i had the day off so of course it rained and was cool. i did nothing at all, which i guess is how holidays are SUPPOSED to be. i did learn that futurama and the family guy are on TBS mid-afternoon.

oh, and the other big event today: i finally received my first mefi swap cd. it’s an interesting mix, with the theme of “songs of losing and finding”. radiohead, belle and sebastian, the mountain goats, the who, pixies, tegan and sarah, guster…good mix. but what was more exciting was the “bonus cd” that her boyfriend created entitled “repent for the end is nigh”. it includes: the anniversary, ted leo and the pharmacists (who i’m more than a little obsessed with right now), interpol, apples in stereo, bright eyes, badly drawn boy, bluetip, pedro the lion, neutral milk hotel, jets to brazil, the faint, madcap and international noise conspiracy. sounds exactly like a cd i would’ve made.

oh, and the weekend was fun. sofi visited, and her toucan birthday extravaganza was a good time (visual evidence to follow). my trip to peterborough for tim’s birthday bash was lovely as well. mmmmm pizza.

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