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18 Jul 03

happy happy

hey look! it’s sofi’s birthday!

7 Responses to “happy happy”

  1. 1
    7-zark-7 Says:

    happy happy!
    yay sofi!

  2. 2
    el scotto Says:

    offtopic, but oh well.

    i was just talking to one of my friends, and he was talking about the dears coming next week. what sucks though is that they’re playing at the trash, not gordon best.

  3. 3
    robin Says:

    rob — we’re going, right?

  4. 4
    pager Says:

    we are indeed. i thought it was at the gordon best so scotto could come along. suck.

    also: uh… is that you again aunt jemima? i DO miss g-force…

  5. 5
    7-zark-7 Says:

    aunt jemima???? uh, no. check out my email address for a hint.

  6. 6
    pager Says:

    i figured it either had to be tyler or kristi…

  7. 7
    7-zark-7 Says:

    well, it was kind of a joint effort…

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