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15 Jul 03

a fabulous weekend

i suppose i’m long past due for posting something, so here goes.

this weekend was kingston’s annual buskerfest – aka an excuse for freaky people with freaky talents to descend upon our town and perform while begging for money. i actually was kingston the first year they had it…i think that means i’ve been here too long. my dad called me thursday night and told me that he’d be bringing scotto and timmyimmyjimmy to visit on saturday for the buskers. cool, i thought, they’ll enjoy a nice summer afternoon of entertainment on the streets of kingston. wrongo. it felt more like october – cool, rainy and very windy. we watched a trampoline group from ottawa for a bit (in fact, they were these onesthe ones we saw in ottawa on canada day oddly enough) and they were just silly and more for the kids i guess. we spent more time watching a juggler/slack rope walker who would’ve been WAY more enjoyable if he had spent less than 55 minutes of his 60 minute performance talking. granted, it was windy…but christ…do a trick! anyway, i’m pretty sure no one was overly impressed, except perhaps by the fries at the copper penny afterwards.

saturday night was the event formerly known as “clear the beer” at alfie’s, after watching most extreme elimination challenge of course. it was low key and kind of boring really – the drinks weren’t cheap like in previous years, presumably because of liquor license issues, and the place was pretty empty most of the nice. alas.

and, the weekend was capped off by a softball game on sunday afternoon. we gave it a valiant effort but got beaten fairly soundly by a team that had previously only won 1 of 6 games. now we’re 4-4 with two games remaining before the tournament.

oh, one more thing to note: scotto got his G2 last week, so he’s a driving machine now.

8 Responses to “a fabulous weekend”

  1. 1
    robin Says:

    driver’s licenses are for losers.

  2. 2
    Sofi Says:


  3. 3
    pager Says:

    all we need now is sarah and jo’s opinions and we can be done with this crazy talk.

  4. 4
    el scotto Says:

    when you live out where i live, driver’s liscences are a nice thing to have.

  5. 5
    pager Says:

    you mean the bustling metropolis of millbrook? home of tv’s the music man?

    i’m not sure why you’d ever want to leave, quite frankly.

    also: are you gonna let my friends call you a loser, scott? are you just gonna sit there and take it?

  6. 6
    el scotto Says:

    rob has friends?

  7. 7
    pager Says:

    sigh. no.

  8. 8
    robin Says:

    also: are you gonna let my friends call you a loser, scott? are you just gonna sit there and take it?

    hey rob, you have a driver’s license too!

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