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08 Jul 03

i’m chock full of nougat

on saturday, jo and i decided we werent getting our daily requirement of chocolate in our diet, so we drove up to smith’s falls where, coincidentally, there happens to be a hershey chocolate factory. we captured much of our journey in photos, and even though we weren’t allowed to take pictures of the inside of the factory itself, i think the photos we DID get of the trip there and back are far more interesting anyway. gunmart? hangers of canada? spunky monkey? comedy gold without having to worry about making up a pesky punchline. yay smalltown ontario!

oh, and we each bought about 25 pounds of chocolate i think. i felt like a kid the day after halloween on sunday night. ugh.

2 Responses to “i’m chock full of nougat”

  1. 1
    alexands Says:

    I can’t believe that you drove through B-ville to get to Smiths Falls…you added over an hour to your drive…did you stop off at the psychotherapy services office to get help with your time management issues?

    Gun Mart is an amazing store! And no id required to purchase bulk amounts of bullets

  2. 2
    pager Says:

    we did a big loop…brockville on the way there, highway 15 on the way back.

    if we HADN’T, think of everything we would’ve MISSED.

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