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02 Jul 03

canada day deux mille et trois

so yesterday was canada day, and, as has become tradition for me, that meant making the trek to ottawa for the third straight year. last year was crazy hot and there was very little visual evidence as a result. this year was more tolerable, although still quite hot.

the day’s highlights included:

  • having a crazy good lunch at robin’s parents’.
  • watching world’s strongest man competitors, including hugo girard, do stuff like lift cars (note that one schlep from the crowd used this opportunity to proposed to his girlfriend by hiding a “will you marry me” sign in the trunk of the car he was attempting to lift with her. apparently the whole thing was for some wedding show on the lift network.)
  • taking a tour of a couple locks on the rideau canal. some poor chumps’ summer job is to manually crank open the locks. crazy.
  • touring byward market, which is extra fun when it’s full of several thousand people.
  • eating hotdogs under a bridge while it poured outside, and watching all the young skanked up girls try to hide the fact that they were wearing white t-shirts.
  • sitting in majors hill park as the sun went down, watching a bluesish guitarist whose name escapes me, as well as the boring rock stylings of daniel langlois.
  • enjoying the fireworks (for the first year in the last three mind you) from the same vantage point. 2 years ago it was too windy and cold, last year the parliament buildings got in the way. this year it was just right.
  • the long crowded busride back to my car, and the return home to kingston at 1:30 am

anyway, it was a good time, and i’ll post pictures once robin sends me his (and i get around to doing it).

3 Responses to “canada day deux mille et trois”

  1. 1
    pager Says:

    hmm…is that you, aunt jemima?

  2. 2
    Wumpus Says:

    Wait – was it “Hunt the Hurkle”?

  3. 3
    pager Says:

    ooh. i remember programming hunt the hurkle in turing…aka the most fun game EVER.

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