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31 Jul 03

hey i’m back

hey look, i’m back from the rolling stones show in one piece. all i’ll say for now is that a) i survived and b) i saw the flaming lips.

rants will come later.

29 Jul 03

buck passing ctd.

so let’s see…
i took my car in for an oil change, to get my a/c fixed, to get my cruise control fixed, and to get my gas gauge fixed. i got a phone call saying that they can’t fix my cruise control ’cause it didn’t come with the car and that they need an extra day to fix my a/c. oh, and i already mentioned the gas gauge solution.

at least i got my oil changed…

29 Jul 03

buck passing

so i took my car in for service today, before the big toronto voyage tomorrow. it’s due for routine maintenance, and i also wanted them to fix my cruise control and air conditioning…and as a side note i asked them to look at my gas gauge (on my way to the garage i supposedly used 1/4 tank of gas). their response to the gas gauge problem:

mechanic guy: this is a known problem with cavaliers. the fix is for us to run some cleaner through it and have you to switch to name brand gas.
me: name brand gas?
mechanic guy: yeah, esso, petro canada, something like that. some companies are adding additives into their gas that cause the cavalier gauges to not work right.
me: yeah, i’m not going to do that. 5 cents more per litre’s a bit more than i care to spend.
(consultation between mechanic guy and head mechanic guy)
mechanic guy: if you don’t switch brands, general motors won’t pay for fixing it.
me: (with my fingers crossed, thus making it okay to lie) ok i will switch then.

my question: if it’s only cavaliers that are having this problem, how can they be blaming the gas?

anyway, i’m looking forward to driving to toronto tomorrow with my air conditioning not freezing my feet no matter what setting it’s on.

27 Jul 03

hot + late = bad

that was a tiring weekend.

friday night was the dears show in fabulous peterborough. that gave robin and i the opportunity to visit with jo, in addition to seeing one of my favourite bands live (again). a fun added bonus was that kristi and el scotto also attended the show, thus leading to a weird page family reunion – all 3 of us coming from different cities to partake in the muzak.

unfortunately, the show had some flaws:
1. there were 2 opening bands. i now have a new rule about attending a show with 2 opening bands that start after 7 pm. good lord that led to a late show – i think i got home around 2:20 or so.
2. it was approximately 238492742342 degrees in the bar. lots of people + a hot night = bad combination. i was gradually melting and that wasn’t helping me stay awake.
3. we had to leave for kingston at 8:30 the next morning to be back in time for our softball tournament. i had a lot of trouble falling asleep and when the alarm went off it was though i hadn’t slept at all. i’m still working on catching up.

the dears themselves were solid as always, and it’s quite fun for me to see how pissed off natalia is at each show. she’s NOT a happy woman. murray, however, was surprisingly cheery, inexplicably extolling the virtues of peterborough. tigre benvie was inexplicably absent.

saturday was softball day – 4 games starting at 11:30. we managed to make it to the semi-finals, and then the finals today…where we managed to lose for the 2nd straight year. we’re number 2! one player on our team suggested renaming our team the buffalo bills for next year. on a fun note, i managed to mess up my elbow again. i thought i was past that. luckily i won’t have to throw anything for ages, and it’s not like my team missed me when i wasn’t playing anyway. my scorekeeping and cheerleading was excellent though.

this week: more holidays. woo.

24 Jul 03


finally, i got around to posting sofi’s bday pictures. only a week late.

23 Jul 03

free credit card numbers for all

ok, so i just reserved a parking spot for the big crazy rolling stones concert next wednesday (rather than walking 2 hours…) it’s gonna cost $27 (ironic when the ticket itself was $21), but i can live with that. what’s most interesting is that when i called the number, after redialling for 20+ minutes, i was put “on hold”…but hold entailed having the phone put down beside someone. so, as i was sitting there, i could hear the woman repeating someone else’s credit card number…uhhhh. i guess that’s one way to recoup the $27…

thankfully the woman i talked to wasn’t quite so stupid and didn’t repeat mine aloud.

21 Jul 03

holidays = instant rain

and now it’s tim’s birthday. woo. 15!

my day was 100% uneventful. i had the day off so of course it rained and was cool. i did nothing at all, which i guess is how holidays are SUPPOSED to be. i did learn that futurama and the family guy are on TBS mid-afternoon.

oh, and the other big event today: i finally received my first mefi swap cd. it’s an interesting mix, with the theme of “songs of losing and finding”. radiohead, belle and sebastian, the mountain goats, the who, pixies, tegan and sarah, guster…good mix. but what was more exciting was the “bonus cd” that her boyfriend created entitled “repent for the end is nigh”. it includes: the anniversary, ted leo and the pharmacists (who i’m more than a little obsessed with right now), interpol, apples in stereo, bright eyes, badly drawn boy, bluetip, pedro the lion, neutral milk hotel, jets to brazil, the faint, madcap and international noise conspiracy. sounds exactly like a cd i would’ve made.

oh, and the weekend was fun. sofi visited, and her toucan birthday extravaganza was a good time (visual evidence to follow). my trip to peterborough for tim’s birthday bash was lovely as well. mmmmm pizza.

18 Jul 03

happy happy

hey look! it’s sofi’s birthday!

15 Jul 03

kingston needs more ex-girlfriends

tally of # of ex-girlfriends in kingston:
last week – 0
this week – 1

tally of # of 8.5 month pregnant, married, ex-girlfriends in kingston:
last week – 0
this week – 1

in other news, i picked up the long awaited new super friendz cd today. for those of you who don’t know, the super friendz were a super great band from halifax in the mid-90s…pure pop/rock bliss. they broke up in the late 90s, and matt went on to be reasonably successful with the flashing lights, while drew and charles remained in relative obscurity with neuseiland. anyway, when i heard they were releasing a new cd i was pretty excited. i got it to my car and put it in the cd player immediately. the first song came on…and i picked up the cd case to make sure i hadnt mistakenly bought the wrong one. i still have no idea who’s singing that song. the rest of the cd is okish… i still haven’t quite figured out what i think of it. it’s certainly not the same as their other two albums. i’m also not convinced it sucks yet. i’ll give it some time.

oh, and i’m still waiting to receive my first mefi cd swap cd in the mail. apparently robin has received 4 thus far, including a really awesome nercore primer…which seems fair since he has yet to mail his away…

while in the mall i saw this guy carrying a massive box of plants screaming at the battery counter guy about what a “stupid idiot” he was. if only i had a camera for that.

and dammit! i forgot to take a picture of the car in my parking lot with a “new driver” sign stuck to their rear bumper. i hope it comes back sometime…

15 Jul 03

a fabulous weekend

i suppose i’m long past due for posting something, so here goes.

this weekend was kingston’s annual buskerfest – aka an excuse for freaky people with freaky talents to descend upon our town and perform while begging for money. i actually was kingston the first year they had it…i think that means i’ve been here too long. my dad called me thursday night and told me that he’d be bringing scotto and timmyimmyjimmy to visit on saturday for the buskers. cool, i thought, they’ll enjoy a nice summer afternoon of entertainment on the streets of kingston. wrongo. it felt more like october – cool, rainy and very windy. we watched a trampoline group from ottawa for a bit (in fact, they were these onesthe ones we saw in ottawa on canada day oddly enough) and they were just silly and more for the kids i guess. we spent more time watching a juggler/slack rope walker who would’ve been WAY more enjoyable if he had spent less than 55 minutes of his 60 minute performance talking. granted, it was windy…but christ…do a trick! anyway, i’m pretty sure no one was overly impressed, except perhaps by the fries at the copper penny afterwards.

saturday night was the event formerly known as “clear the beer” at alfie’s, after watching most extreme elimination challenge of course. it was low key and kind of boring really – the drinks weren’t cheap like in previous years, presumably because of liquor license issues, and the place was pretty empty most of the nice. alas.

and, the weekend was capped off by a softball game on sunday afternoon. we gave it a valiant effort but got beaten fairly soundly by a team that had previously only won 1 of 6 games. now we’re 4-4 with two games remaining before the tournament.

oh, one more thing to note: scotto got his G2 last week, so he’s a driving machine now.

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