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30 Jun 03

i hope the jerkface reads random blogs

mitch and i had lunch at saigon delight today. there were a whole lot of people in there – so many that there were only two 2-person tables free. we walked in and looked around…there were three people milling by the cash register (i wasn’t sure if they were coming or going or what, but we just sat down at the table nearest to the door.

after a couple minutes it became evident that the 3 people by the cash register weren’t leaving, but were looking for a place to sit. he said loudly “usually people first in line get to sit down” and mitch tried to offer him our seat. he ignored her, looked at us, and said “thanks for this” in a very jerkface way, as mitch said. mitch again tried to offer our spot (although i’m not sure how 3 people would have sat at the little tiny table we were at, but that’s beside the point) and i tried to explain that we weren’t sure if they were coming or going. he was having none of that, and escorted the two people he was with out of the restaurant.

he was wearing a suit, very businessman like, and i got the impression he’s used to getting what he wants. i’m glad we didn’t give up our spot for him, although i kind of would’ve liked to see how they would’ve managed to squeeze 3 people into a 2 person table…with only two chairs.


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