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30 Jun 03

good thing young kids are indestructible

my apologies for the couple hours of downtime yesterday (not that anyone noticed but me). the power went out in my apartment and of course chumptastic didn’t automatically come back to life. when i finally noticed this, it apparently had some trouble booting…but all seems to be well now.

in other news, i was just carrying a computer down to the medical building and was passing in front of summerhill. i noticed 3 kids in front of the building – 2 on bikes. the 2 with bikes were pedalling like mad and hitting a small bump, propelling them in the air. ah, reminds me of when i was a kid. i continued walking, and noticed the 3rd kid lying on the ground…so i stopped and watched. “they’re not going to do what i think they’re going to do, are they?” i thought. yes, they were. the 2 kids got on their bikes and again pedalled like mad towards the small bump, and jumped OVER the third kid, barely clearing him. i was stopped by this time, my job having dropped. another guy was walking up the path toward me. he looked at me and said simply “holy shit”. i replied “crazy”. what more could be said?

3 Responses to “good thing young kids are indestructible”

  1. 1
    robin Says:

    how about “whippersnappers!!!” ?

  2. 2
    Sofi Says:

    Siiigh. I miss Summerhill.

  3. 3
    pager Says:

    congratulations sofi on the 200th comment on chumptastic. you win absolutely nothing.

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