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28 Jun 03

fun at the bus station

yesterday turned out to be a productive day, although entirely uninteresting. as a result, i won’t talk about that at all.

last night wasn’t overly eventful either, but i drove jo to the bus station at 9 so she could catch the 9:15 bus to toronto. apparently, that was a big mistake. at 9:15 we were told the bus was going to be about 15 minutes late because of an accident on the 401. so, we did a crossword (my favourite clue: bus stop; answer: terminal), and attempted to solve the whatzit in the paper (unsuccessfully i might add…although our guesses were undoubtedly more interesting than the real solution). the bus ended up showing up at 11, and in the meantime i amused myself by making fun of various people in the bus station, as expected (i especially liked the old man beside me who was reading his bible while waiting for the bus to belleville, and the girl wearing heels on the bus). the bus finally made it. hopefully jo got a discount, at least.

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