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27 Jun 03


well, i’m stuck in the hottest computer lab in the world (aka stirling hall’s piece of shit excuse for a lab), so what better to do than make a quick post making fun of others? i can’t think of anything more appropriate. so, here we go.

mitch just sent me a link to united furniture warehouse’s testimonials page. now, i’d seen this page before when looking around for couches, and the people on it haven’t gotten any more attractive. i mean, really…doesn’t this page SCREAM for some air brushing? or actors? or just plain fewer photos of united furniture warehouse’s clientele? i envision a sign on the door of the store: “you must be at least THIS ugly to shop here”. that person in the bottom left could lead to a rousing game of guess the gender as well.

and now that that’s out of my system, back to work i go.

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Date: 1883

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