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23 Jun 03

allez les…blue jays!

ah, roadtrip.

yesterday robin and i made the trek to montreal, where we met up with mitch et al at le stade olympique. it was the first time i’d ever been to a ballgame and only had to listen to one national anthem, thanks to the visiting blue jays. it was a lovely game and i was able to cheer for the visitors for once – always infinitely more fun than cheering along with the other 15 thousand people in the ballpark. i also took a couple pictures but alas, my camera is at home. it will have to wait til later.

on another note, when i woke up today my eyes hurt from sheer tiredness. i got plenty of sleep but, like every night for the last week, i was exceptionally dreamy. not so restful, and i’m still feeling pretty zzz-y right now. but i’m a trooper, and troop on i shall.

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