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20 Jun 03

oh right, i have a blog

remember when i used to update this? yikes. sorry.

it’s been a busy couple days, consisting of visitors (kristi and sofi), no work, a trip on the tour trolley, and a fantastic queen’s players show. (note that a fantastic players show involves the following: lots of funny, a short second act, and only vague recollections of anything after intermission.)

oh, and there were a couple of baseball games thrown in there. we won one and lost one, and i wasn’t much of a factor in either of them…although i DID manage to hurt my elbow nicely. i also learned that i REALLY can’t hit a softball at all with a sore elbow.

i did a wonderful job of wasting my day off today – i essentially watched tv and read for the entire day. perfect, just as i planned it.

and now i go back to doing nothing.

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