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16 Jun 03

i’m going to apply for the helper’s assistant job

currently posted on the queen’s internal job opportunities site:
how prestigious would it be to tell people that’s what you did for a living? apparently you would basically be assisting carpenters and other trades people.

my weekend was pretty good. i spent a while on saturday chasing softballs while jo hit them, and treated myself to a chemically cherry slush puppy afterwards. sunday was another whirlwind tour of peterborough day, and i spent much of it playing lacrosse with scott (and by “playing lacrosse” i mean “tossing a ball back and forth with lacrosse sticks, and having it land in the pool every three or four tosses”).

and as i type this, someone i work with continues to blow his nose in the loudest, most disgusting way possible. and he’s done it about 20 times in the first 10 minutes of work. that doesn’t bode well.

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