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12 Jun 03

almost as cool as kid and play

coldplay were fun. they put on a rock show with lots of flashing lights and screaming fans, many of whom i am convinced had never been to any kind of rock show before. there was a lot of swooning/screaming/fist pumping/singing along/crazy dancing that i just couldn’t quite relate to. at one point i turned to sofi who, like me, had her hands in her pockets in the midst of the over-excited masses and said “how jaded ARE we?” the weird thing is, i was/am more excited about the salteens, a band that probably a couple dozen people will show up for, than the coldplay extravaganza. but, coldplay were still fun and energetic and good.

i got home around 3 and got to sleep around 3:30. i am not yet at work as a result, but the construction guys in my building appear to be drilling stuff every few minutes. i have no idea where they are, but they’ve been quite efficient at waking me up every ten minutes or so like clockwork since 8ish.

this sorta continues my trend of things not going super well: yesterday’s napping fiasco, my cruise control deciding not to work for my 6 hours of highway driving yesterday (plus my planned additional 4 hours on the weekend), someone kicking beer on my bag last night, containing my jacket and camera, sofi’s cell phone not working thus preventing us from getting in touch with mitch (also at coldplay) until AFTER the show during the crazy mass exodus (luckily we found her after all so she could be transported back to kingstonland), etc. i’m a bit on the jinxy side i think.

and now, i really should be starting to be productive i think. i’m tired but i’m certainly not going to get much more rest while a drill continuously runs in an undisclosed location. oh, and work would probably be a good thing to look into at some point.

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    el scotto Says:

    one of my friends old brother went down to scalp a ticket for the show….i don’t know quite how much he payed yet, but i’m assuming a lot.

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