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11 Jun 03

will the retrofitting ever cease?

ok, so i’m going to see coldplay and ron sexsmith tonight. cool. since i’m coming back from toronto late tonight, i left work at noon with the intention of having a lovely nap ahead of time. also cool. i had a lovely grilled cheese sandwich, and attempted sleep at around 1:30. at 1:45 came a knock on my door from fire alarm testers (yes, testing my retrofitting). they only stayed 5 or 10 minutes, but ever since then my new fire alarm has been emitting piercing high pitched bursts every few minutes. not so conducive to napping.

now, here’s the real kicker: they left a note under my door yesterday indicating that they would be coming by at some point today. when i left this morning, i figured i’d want to know if they’d already come and gone by lunch time so as not to be disturbed, so i pulled out a trick i learned from the hardy boys or encyclopedia brown or something, and stuck a little piece of paper in the door, figuring that if it was gone they’d have come and gone. when i got home at lunch the paper was gone and a new note was under my door saying they’d be here tomorrow. good, i thought. the test must’ve been a failure, and they need to come back tomorrow.

unfortunately, they just used that 2nd note as a carte blanche – their ticket into my apartment whenever they wanted. (there goes the fire alarm again as i type this). maybe tomorrow i’ll set up a trip wire in case they feel like strolling through again.

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