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30 Jun 03

minus one bicyclette

so, yeah, my bike got stolen today. right outside my office window. 10 feet from my head. how shitty is that? robin pointed out that that means he, jo and i have all had a bike stolen within the last year. stupid kingston.

and it’s not like i didnt lock it. i even had a U-lock. outside of the fucking library. sometime in the afternoon when a bunch of people were around.


and now i go back to making my cd of pop songs that make me happy.

30 Jun 03

i hope the jerkface reads random blogs

mitch and i had lunch at saigon delight today. there were a whole lot of people in there – so many that there were only two 2-person tables free. we walked in and looked around…there were three people milling by the cash register (i wasn’t sure if they were coming or going or what, but we just sat down at the table nearest to the door.

after a couple minutes it became evident that the 3 people by the cash register weren’t leaving, but were looking for a place to sit. he said loudly “usually people first in line get to sit down” and mitch tried to offer him our seat. he ignored her, looked at us, and said “thanks for this” in a very jerkface way, as mitch said. mitch again tried to offer our spot (although i’m not sure how 3 people would have sat at the little tiny table we were at, but that’s beside the point) and i tried to explain that we weren’t sure if they were coming or going. he was having none of that, and escorted the two people he was with out of the restaurant.

he was wearing a suit, very businessman like, and i got the impression he’s used to getting what he wants. i’m glad we didn’t give up our spot for him, although i kind of would’ve liked to see how they would’ve managed to squeeze 3 people into a 2 person table…with only two chairs.


30 Jun 03

good thing young kids are indestructible

my apologies for the couple hours of downtime yesterday (not that anyone noticed but me). the power went out in my apartment and of course chumptastic didn’t automatically come back to life. when i finally noticed this, it apparently had some trouble booting…but all seems to be well now.

in other news, i was just carrying a computer down to the medical building and was passing in front of summerhill. i noticed 3 kids in front of the building – 2 on bikes. the 2 with bikes were pedalling like mad and hitting a small bump, propelling them in the air. ah, reminds me of when i was a kid. i continued walking, and noticed the 3rd kid lying on the ground…so i stopped and watched. “they’re not going to do what i think they’re going to do, are they?” i thought. yes, they were. the 2 kids got on their bikes and again pedalled like mad towards the small bump, and jumped OVER the third kid, barely clearing him. i was stopped by this time, my job having dropped. another guy was walking up the path toward me. he looked at me and said simply “holy shit”. i replied “crazy”. what more could be said?

28 Jun 03

fun at the bus station

yesterday turned out to be a productive day, although entirely uninteresting. as a result, i won’t talk about that at all.

last night wasn’t overly eventful either, but i drove jo to the bus station at 9 so she could catch the 9:15 bus to toronto. apparently, that was a big mistake. at 9:15 we were told the bus was going to be about 15 minutes late because of an accident on the 401. so, we did a crossword (my favourite clue: bus stop; answer: terminal), and attempted to solve the whatzit in the paper (unsuccessfully i might add…although our guesses were undoubtedly more interesting than the real solution). the bus ended up showing up at 11, and in the meantime i amused myself by making fun of various people in the bus station, as expected (i especially liked the old man beside me who was reading his bible while waiting for the bus to belleville, and the girl wearing heels on the bus). the bus finally made it. hopefully jo got a discount, at least.

27 Jun 03


well, i’m stuck in the hottest computer lab in the world (aka stirling hall’s piece of shit excuse for a lab), so what better to do than make a quick post making fun of others? i can’t think of anything more appropriate. so, here we go.

mitch just sent me a link to united furniture warehouse’s testimonials page. now, i’d seen this page before when looking around for couches, and the people on it haven’t gotten any more attractive. i mean, really…doesn’t this page SCREAM for some air brushing? or actors? or just plain fewer photos of united furniture warehouse’s clientele? i envision a sign on the door of the store: “you must be at least THIS ugly to shop here”. that person in the bottom left could lead to a rousing game of guess the gender as well.

and now that that’s out of my system, back to work i go.

26 Jun 03

so very hot

last night was sweltery. very sweltery. i’m not really complaining though – i’ve been bitching for weeks now, waiting for an evening when i didn’t have to wear a jacket when going outside – but last night was just uncomfortable.

we played game #6 of softball last night, and won a nailbiter in extra innings. i played like crap of course, and enjoyed the fact that my elbow once again acted up. we won in spite of me, though.

afterwards, robin, mitch and i checked out veal at the scherzo. they were pretty good, as were the openers (a band from toronto called hotel) but the crazy heat in the scherzo completely drained me and i had a lot of trouble getting comfortable. i was completely exhausted by the end of the show (1:30 am ish) and that tiredness carried over a bit until this morning. veal made me happy by playing judy garland though, so i can’t complain.

24 Jun 03

free concert on my balcony


ok, someone read my post about the worst music ever and apparently felt the need to dispute that claim.

currently there is a pseudo-concert going on about 50 feet from my window, in the courtyard behind the education building. for those of you unfamiliar with how close and annoying this is, here is the view from my balcony, and the terrible music in question is coming from that small jut in in the building with all the trees.

in the last few minutes, i’ve heard such gems as mony mony, another one bites the dust, and currently…it appears to be devo’s whip it good being mangled.

sigh. at least it’s not indian music i guess.

24 Jun 03

what is this a photo of?

jo’s current windows desktop:

any guesses what it is? clue: it was taken with my digital camera on st. paddy’s day.

23 Jun 03

faire du baseball, part deux

if you’ve been a regular reader of chumptastic since last summer (and VERY few of you are), you’ll recall the ongoing saga of the fantastic retro dairy queen sign in l’ile perrot, about 1/2 hour outside of montreal. if you’re unfamiliar with what i’m talking about, i took the following two photos of the dq sign last summer, the first one on july 13th, and the second one on august 4th:

it was a travesty! where’d the sign go?

thankfully, order was restored to the world on yesterday’s visit:

so we can once again rest easy. and as a fun bonus, take note of the fun ad for “mont tremblant au chocolat”. i’m pretty sure you can’t get that here.

oh, and as for evidence that i actually went to a ball game, here’s roy halladay winding up…and the pitch… chances are that guy got out, like most of the expos did that day.

23 Jun 03

allez les…blue jays!

ah, roadtrip.

yesterday robin and i made the trek to montreal, where we met up with mitch et al at le stade olympique. it was the first time i’d ever been to a ballgame and only had to listen to one national anthem, thanks to the visiting blue jays. it was a lovely game and i was able to cheer for the visitors for once – always infinitely more fun than cheering along with the other 15 thousand people in the ballpark. i also took a couple pictures but alas, my camera is at home. it will have to wait til later.

on another note, when i woke up today my eyes hurt from sheer tiredness. i got plenty of sleep but, like every night for the last week, i was exceptionally dreamy. not so restful, and i’m still feeling pretty zzz-y right now. but i’m a trooper, and troop on i shall.

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