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28 May 03

yes i can sell it to you but no i won’t look up how much it costs

reason #13431974 why i love my building:
i just took some recyclables down to my recycling-type room, and discovered that someone had ditched a couch they no longer wanted there. out of sight, out of mind i guess.

so now, i’m going to relate a truly ridiculous story. about a month ago, i attempted to order some laser printer cartridges from our school’s computer store. now, i’ll spare you the history of my dealings with the store, but if you know me or my institution at all, you’ll have heard about their reputation. anyway, no one emailed me back after several weeks for various reasons. i emailed again on friday asking for the price of two different toner cartridges. i heard back today taht they wouldn’t look it up for me because they didn’t make enough money on them, and that they’d order the cheapest one if that’s what i wanted; otherwise, i was free to go elsewhere. here’s my question: what kind of store won’t look up a price for you? anyway, i’m gonna go elsewhere.

today was crazy productive. and tomorrow i get to give a talk (twice) to tech-type people. should be fantastic.

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