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26 May 03

a list of stuff


1. skid row is opening for poison at the molson amphitheatre this summer. does anyone see the irony in this? i recall an interview with sebastian bach conducted by george stroumboulopoulos (aka sarah’s favourite dogfaced man) in which sebastian said something like “i’m on broadway and you’re talking about fucking poison? does monkey business sound like unskinny bop to you?” apparently it does to someone.

2. one thing i noticed that made me laugh during the matrix reloaded was that when neo was talking to the architect about the wickedness of mankind, an image of george w. flashed up on the screen. apparently i wasn’t the only one to notice.

2b. for added fun, check out the link at the bottom of that page entitled matrix makers blast charge of albino bias. essentially, some people felt that the matrix portrays albinos in a bad light, and the responses from the studio rule:

“They’re not albinos!” a studio spokeswoman stressed to WorldNetDaily regarding the new villains. “They’re not even human. They’re vampires, 15th century vampires. … These characters do not possess the qualities that albinos possess. They don’t have red eyes. They become invisible. Clearly, they’re not real people.”

3. i went to check out randomly last night and i found that it had been hacked (although it’s fixed now). the hacked page pointed at a number of pages, including this one, that claim that michael moore staged a lot of the stuff in bowling for columbine. i have no doubt that he stretched the truth to make his point. and i still liked that movie. and yes, i know this is old news.

4. i hear that scotto saw a band in toronto on friday night. i’m guessing silverchair, but i have no proof. how were they?

5. i hate pigeons, especially the ones on my balcony, most notably the ones that prevented me from getting back to sleep after i inexplicably woke up at 5:30 this morning.

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    el scotto Says:

    tres magnifique.

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